smart labels cut down on waste

smart labels reduces food waste in supply chain.

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insignia technologies ltd
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executive sales

&bullrotation smart label, designed to cut down on food waste and improve food safety at every stage of the food supply chain.&bullthe moment the smart label is stuck to a box or pallet of fresh produce, it starts to change colour over a precalibrated period of time.&bullthis means that at any point in the supply chain you can &lsquosee&rsquo how fresh the fruit, vegetables, meat, or dairy goods are inside the box.&bullthe label changes colour over time, from yellow to purple. it is both time and temperature sensitive so has the potential to  highlight any problems of temperature abuse the produce may have experienced.&bullthe label enhances current processing, transportation and distribution systems, by offering a clear visual indication of which pallets should be prioritised for use. 

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