sidel launches pet bottle for beer

pet bottles with crown cap and for beverages use and majorly for beer.

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sidel india pvt. ltd.
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magali rioult
executive sales

&bullpet liquid packaging solutions specialist sidel launched pasteurisable pet bottles for beer with nonpetaloid bases. &bullthey support crown caps, which, with the bases, give them the appearance of glass. the bottle weighs only 28g, which is up to 86 per cent less than an average equivalent glass bottle.&bullthis was also the case in the past with many other food and beverage products that have since increasingly made the switch to pet from other packaging materials, including juices, water, carbonated soft drinks, olive oil and sauces. &bullto prove the benefits of its technology, sidel blew a 330millilitre version that can achieve a sixmonth shelf life with less than one partpermillion ppm of oxygen ingress and less than 17 per cent carbon dioxide loss.  

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