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PadPak Guardian, Packaging to grow your business

PadPak® Guardian is the compact, fast and simple answer to many of your packaging needs. Cushioning solutions are available for working at raised height or lower down – and for either standalone use or next to a working table, using a floor-stand or table-stand converter. The result is a cushioning resource that boosts efficiency in virtually any working environment.
Over the years Ranpak has developed converters of different sizes for various applications. PadPak Guardian simplifies everything, combining multiple benefits in one converter while reducing physical footprint significantly at the same time. The compact footprint of PadPak Guardian means it can be placed in tight corners for better production flow and use of space. Converters can be moved easily by operators when required, and quickly adjusted to the height required for individual applications. The result is an optimized packaging environment and more efficient use of your premises. CONVERTER Weight: Floor 93 kg | Table 89 kg Dimensions Floorstand: 61 x 110 x 163 cm Dimensions Tablestand: 61 x 87 x 139 cm Power: 1050 W Voltage: 100-240 VAC PAPER OPTIONS 90 Ecoline Length: 300 m Width: 38 cm Base weight: 90 g Pack weight: 21 kg 70/70 Rec/Vir Length: 180m Width: 38 cm Base weight: 70/70 g Pack weight: 20 kg 90 Virgin Length: 300 m Width: 38 cm Base weight: 90 g Pack weight: 21 kg 70/75 Rec/Eco Length: 180 m Width: 38 cm Base weight: 70/75 g Pack weight: 21 kg
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