marketleading odourabsorbent meat pads

absorbent pads for meat and poultry products that absorb odour and keep your product fresh.

Company Name: 
sirane group
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jeremy haydndavies
sales director

&bullsirane&rsquos odourabsorbent meat pads offer the most effective solution on the market &ndash and the market is growing fast, as retailers globally look to cut down on their returns.&bulldrifresh freshhold oa odourabsorbent meat pads have been proven to reduce returns in vacpacked meatpoultry where confinement odour is a problem.&bullvery soon will be able to offer the complete solution &ndash an absorbent and odour absorbent meat pad which has antibacterial properties.&bulldrifresh freshhold oa pads are suitable for packaging many meats, including lamb, pork, gammon, beef & poultry. &bullthe pads combine standard absorbency with odour absorbency, and stop customers wrongly believing food is off due to unpleasant smells.   

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