Locked4kids Child Resistive Carton

Locked4kids is a child resistant and reclosable packaging which is simple, inexpensive.

Company Name: 
Ecobliss India Pvt.Limited
Contact Person: 
Chakravarthi Avps
Ceo, Managing Director

Locked4kids is designed as a child resistant and reclosable packaging which is simple, inexpensive .locked4kids packaging is composed of a carton box containing a pet blister tray.the box has openings on the sides in which the blister tray is automatically locked when it is pushed all the way into the box.for this, hooks are attached to the edge of the blister tray. In order to be able to open the packaging, both hooks have to be pushed simultaneously, while pulling the blister tray out of the box.the hooks are placed diagonally to one another at a distance

That cannot be spanned by the hand of a small child, but which is no problem for adults.the carton box is coated with a tear resistant laminate so as to prevent children from ripping it apart.for more innovations visit httpwww.amazon.compharmaceuticalpackaginginnovationssandeepkumardp938501000x

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