Hc2000 High Resolution Industrial Ink Jet Printer Inkjet Printer

Standalone, Enteredit Messages By Compact Key Boards.Print Worldwide Languagesprint Barcode, 2d Barcodelcd Display, Can Connec Mouth For More Esay Operation

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Aujet ink jet printer co.,ltd
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Ms.Leaf Ye

Feature. Ceramic piezo drop on demand high resolution ink jet printer .standalone, compact and simple construction for low maintenance.can print on porous or nonporous materials.mainoperationwindow language can be customized, can print multilanguagessuch as, arabic,france,english,italy,chinese and so on .large lcd display, can read printing content clearly .controller with kadex software just like a pc editinput all types of printing content by compact keyboard, can connect mouth as your favorite. .can adjust printing head directdownward, horizontal or at an angle.can reverse printing content to 90 angles programmly  .can print barcodes include 2d barcodes,variable datareal time, expiry time, batch number, counter&hellip...can create and print database random code,security code  .can create and print letters,numbers,graphic,logoes, special symbols&hellip..printing speed up to 35mmin at 200dpi.up to 18mm print band.unlimited printing lines within printing band..more than 1000 characters per printing messages..unlimited message save .solventbased or oilbased ink black, blue, white, red 

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