ecommerce packaging with easy return option

max posten smart lock, is developed by bong with glomma papp for ecommerce.

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glomma papp asbong norge as
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truls hivik

&ldquomax posten smart lock&rdquo, is developed by bong with glomma papp for ecommerce, with lock at he back ends.this unique product does not only protect  and safely deliver products, it also provides the receiving customer the opportunity to return the product in the same packaging solution by easily sealing the packaging again &ndash without using any tape, glue or other additional material.max posten can be used and reused up to three times, while still maintaining its protective integrity. after using the package the first time, the customer can rip off lock 1 and use lock 2 for return.this packaging has developed specifically for the norwegian post, and is specified for a content of 2 kg&rsquos.returnable packaging for goods bought on the internet has been a problem until now. this box gives the buyer the ability to reuse the package, even without tape.for more innovations visit

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