Dose Controlled Dispensing

Fix Dose Dispensing By Tube At All Time

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Yonwoo co. Ltd.
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Marketing Manager

&Bullquadpack has launched a dropper tube which offers a fix dosage at all dispensing. The 15ml dropper tube from yonwoo gives total control on dispensing.&bullit doesn&rsquot matter how hard the tube is squeezed, the size of the drop is 0.055ml in all dosing which allows for precise application to a local area, in a delicate gesture.&bullthe onedropatatime system uses a suckback system to ensure accurate drop size.

 Any liquid not completely actuated gets automatically drawn back into the tube. Such precise control makes the tube perfect for oils and liquid serums for targeted skin care and hair care treatments.&bullit is available in two diameters &ndash 19mm 520ml and 22mm 1035ml &ndash the dropper tube has an interior luxefoil layer which acts as a barrier to light, gas and moisture and makes it impermeable to organic and chemical substances.

 It comes with a pcta pipette and a transparent petg screw cap, which plugs the pipette&39s tip when closed.&bullthe tube is also available with yonwoo&39s patented check valve, which prevents backflow contamination.

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