diamond bottle for premium water packaging

diamond glass bottles for premium brand of drinking water harrogate water

Company Name: 
ardagh group
Contact Person: 
sharon crayton

the design is made by ardagh group for harrogate water brand as part of the brand&rsquos new campaign to further reinforce its position as the no.1 premium british spring waterthe same is build on the original award winning embossed sparkle designthe designers took an architectural icon as an inspiration for the striking diamond design to reflect the enduring, premium nature of the brand, as well as the high quality of water inside each bottlethe elegant bottle is guaranteed to create exceptional stand out on shelf or back of bar, attracting new and existing customers to buy across the rangea particular feature of the glass bottle is that when filled, the diamond features are enhanced as light refracts to bring the bottle to life and create almost a wave effectwhilst retaining its iconic colour palette of black, white and silver the new labels introduce classic typography from harrogate&rsquos elegant heyday and combine subtle art deco and middleeastern background patterns inspired by the town&rsquos illustrious past.

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