cop vials

cop more than a substitute for glass

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hpt pharma
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amita venkatesh
associate scientific affairs and consultancy

one perpetual demand on the market is the search for a glass replacement for use in packaging, as glass poses such a risk from breakage cop possesses characteristics that make it a suitable glass substitute in hpt&rsquos injectable vials range. most importantly, it is unbreakable, lightweight, highly transparent and particularly suitable for use in combination with proteincontaining substances, as no protein buildup on the inner walls results. these containers are dimensionally identical to the standard tubular glass vials in order to avoid the need for extensive modification of machinery and equipment. they are suitable for autoclaving, as well as all established types of irradiation. furthermore, fda drug master file 24300 relates to our standard series consisting of 5, 10 and 100ml bottles. technical files can be made available to our customers upon request, which is helpful for any necessary registrations. if you are interested in finding out more, visit link httpwww.packagingconnections.comcopvialshptpharma.htm 

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