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innovations in caps and closures for liquid product packaging

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bericap gmbh & co. kg
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marketing manager

this hinged closure hc ev 2921 , which was introduced into the cookingsalad oil market is a &39facelift&39. the glossy, highvalue closure fits both for glass and for pet bottles with 2921 neck and appears to be functional and modern.the opening lip on the top part of the closure, which is a little larger now, allows for an easy opening of the closure,the newly designed ribbed shape above this lip is giving a modern appearance to the closure. the functionality of the interior of this closure was revised . a practical ripopen safety diaphragm guarantees the intactness of the bottled product.a slightly pointed pourer enables for precise, dripfree dosing, a volume control sets the flow volume of the bottled liquid. the closure is also available with customized relief print and prints on the sides so as to increase the trademark branding. the closure is being employed on the cookingsalad oil market and increasingly also on the syrup market.  

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