bona launches child resistant nasal spray

child resistant nasal sprays and eye drops for pharmaceutical use.

Company Name: 
bona medical
Contact Person: 
sales executive

&bullthe company has launched a new patent product, a child resistant nasal spray bottle which has been designed specifically for nasal sprays which include imidazolines, according to the new regulation voted in by the us consumer product safety commission cpsc.&bullthe raw materials of the spray bottle are fda compliant.&bullthe child resistant nasal spray has a screw on neck facility and is designed to be paired with a ratchet neck bottle of 15ml or 30ml size. &bullthe nasal pump benefits accurate dosage from 50mcl to 170mcl per stroke and its screw on neck facilitates incorporation into existing filling lines easily.&bullbona can also offer child proof eye dropper customization according to cfr 16 1700.20.  

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