Aptar Introduces New Concentrate Dispensing Solution

Dispensers for concentrated liquids, Hand wash, dish wash etc

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•Aptar  Food  +  Beverage,  a  global  leader  in  innovative  dispensing  solutions, has  presented  its  latest  development  with  France’s  leading  concentrate  brand Teisseire. 
•Aptar and Teisseire, a Britvic Group plc company, have teamed up  to  develop  a  customized  dosing  system  which  allows consumers to safely and intuitively dispense concentrate. 
•This  exclusive  dispensing  pump,  based  on  Aptar’s  HiFlow platform,  is  an  ideal  solution  for  children.   
•The  easy  to  use dispenser delivers a precise 4ml dose of concentrate with each actuation  and  ensures  no  leaks  or  spills,  to  the  delight  of parents,  and  prevents  any  crystallization  in  the  dispensing mechanism.  


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