3d embossing of beansfood packaging

innovative combination of 2d, 3d and microembossing to give designer effect

Company Name: 
international paper kwidzyn
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kwidzyn mill

communicates the quality of the product and be as extraordinary as possible without requiring extravagant construction or unusual materials.using microembossing as a background, the design reminds of the textile structure typical of coffee sacks.but to give that extra effect, the company decided to employ a rarely used 3d tool 3dembossing of the beans.combination of 2d and 3d, finding both microembossing and the laminated carton with opaque white as well as matt and glossy varnish attractive.a challenge in production was the depth of the 3dembossing and the perfect register of all finishes and effects as the packaging is relatively small..excellent printing gave a high quality image at the point of sale  

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