2 chambered tray

two chambered tray designed for products that needs to be mixed just before consumption to keep freshness alive

Company Name: 
weidenhammer packaging group gmbh
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alice willwertz

the innovative twocup chamber system with folding seam developed for "monte" brandit keeps the unique monte cream a combination of creamy milk, chocolate, and hazelnuts&mdashseparate from the fruit and other crispy ingredients until they are mixed just before eating.the plastic container is manufactured using a thinwalled injection molding technique with inmold labeling.iml label enables the sides and bottom of the plastic container to be seamlessly processed without gaps.rounded edges gives the container a unique look and also offer another key benefit consumers can spoon out the last bit from the container.the two dessert components are mixed when the consumer bends the packaging at the fold line and mixes the ingredients just before eating.this enables the dessert to be partially or completely mixed, or eaten separately.the container&39s two chambers are optimally spaced and, there is integrated fold line, the contents can be mixed with a flick of the wrist.the polypropylene package is unbreakable.it&rsquos also flexible, bends easily, and is ideal for refrigerated display cases.sealed with an aluminum foil lidding material, the plastic container offers optimum product protection.this ensures that the product is always fresh at the time of purchase 

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