• JM Packaging claims recyclable pouch industry-first


    UK-based JMP has supplied rice and grain processor FEI with what it describes is a “technologically advanced” recyclable and retort-ready mono-material that maintains all the mechanical properties of a conventional stand-up pouch.

    JMP said the packaging technology – which is already on UK and European supermarket shelves – provides retailers and consumers with a product that is food-safe and recyclable, where current recycling streams allow.

    It added that the pouch size, shape and function remain the same as the previous pack versions.

    FEI and JMP started work on developing a recyclable mono-material pouch in early 2019. With sustainability in mind, JMP suggested there had been an “identified urgency” within the industry for the product.

    This “attention, focus and dedication” has resulted in JMP being able to bring the product to market, said JMP managing director Jason McGill.

    “Throughout this project we have illustrated our commitment to the circular economy, focusing on optimising flexible packaging to minimise the impact on the environment, while offering convenience and food safety to the consumer,” McGill said.

    “We’re proud to bring the first mono-material, recycle-ready, ready-to-heat pouch to the market and thank our team and FEI Foods for their support to help make this happen.”

    Simon Lewis, managing director of FEI Foods, said quality and innovation are at the forefront of FEI’s DNA.

    “As a market leader in this category in Europe, it was imperative that we led the way in developing a recycle-ready pouch,” Lewis said.

    “We are determined to provide the most sustainable product possible, and the development of this pouch has been a key strategic objective for us for some years. Two years of diligent testing of this new material has culminated in this launch.”

    FEI claims to be the largest supplier of microwaveable rice and grain products within the UK and Europe.

  • Sustainably successful together

    New thinking, or everything stays different

    As a responsible company, Epson is committed to implementing the UN's 17 global sustainability goals. They are the compass for the Epson Agenda 2030, which puts all activities under this goal.

  • Ink removal process enables recycling of printed film


    In combination with EREMA recycling technology, this ink removal process has already proven its suitability for real-life applications involving the recycling of printed inhouse and post-industrial film waste. This represents a milestone in safely feeding recycled pellets made from originally printed film back into the production process.

    The EREMA Group with its subsidiary KEYCYCLE is now intensifying its cooperation with Cadel Deinking to drive this development forward technologically and form a product that meets industrial standards. Ansfelden, 17 December 2020 - Starting in January 2021, KEYCYCLE will exclusively take over worldwide sales and project implementation of this unique technology, which is patented in over 20 countries. The company will operate the pilot system in Sant Vicente del Raspeig (Alicante, Spain) together with Cadel Deinking. "Together we are making ink removal technology a process step that can be integrated into the plastics recycling chain," says Michal Prochazka, Managing Director of KEYCYCLE and Pablo Cartagena, Business Development Manager at Cadel Deinking.

  • Motto creates 'first of a kind' aluminum-bottled wine packaging


    The front label artwork shows nature-based images such as a golden sun and "simple, flowing" landscape depictions that look to be both "suggestive" and "subtle". The back label, meanwhile, features a series of icons featuring outdoor activities such as a simplified surfboard, campfire, guitar, oar and a backpack. These icons were "styled to remind consumers to enjoy Revelshine with all of their outdoor adventures," according to Motto.

    The colour palettes were similarly nature-oriented: Revelshine Red uses green inspired by forests; Revelshine White's rich blues were inspired by the ocean; and Revelshine Rose's red hues draw from the tones found in desert canyons.

    Motto adds that the logo is "intentionally simple and down to earth," styled in black uppercase sans serif lettering to prioritise clarity and functionality.

  • Earthcycle packaging meets Australian Home Compost Standard


    The packaging was tested by the recognized and accredited third-party lab, OWS N.V and proven to meet the stringent guidelines, including 90% biodegration and no toxic effect on compost, according to a news release.
    CKF is now in the process of applying for the Australian seedling logo for its customers to display on retail packaging.

    Obtaining the Australian certification for home compostability is critical for the expansion of Earthcycle packaging in the region, according to the release, including for one of CKF’s major clients, Fresh Berry Co Pty Ltd. 

    “Proof that Earthcycle meets Australian standards for home compostability sets us even further apart from competition — not only do we have a package that is 90% less plastic for our superior tasting berries and tomatoes, but we now have a package that meets stringent retailer requirements for certifications,” John Pettinella, product development director at  Fresh Berry Co., said in the release.  “We introduced the CKF product to the Australian market three years ago confident in the knowledge that CKF would support our initiatives and meet the requirements specific to Australia. That confidence was certainly not misplaced and we are now in a position to provide further support to our retail customers with our fresh produce presented in a package their consumers can either home compost directly or recycle.”

    Earthcycle packaging resonates with consumers trying to reduce their use of single-use plastics, according to the release. A June 2019 global survey by Accenture revealed 77% of those surveyed felt that plastic was the least environmentally friendly packaging and close to one-quarter of consumers choose to no longer purchase food that is packaged in plastic, the release said.

    “CKF extended our list of independent environmental credentials to include the AS 5810 (2010) standards for home compostability for two reasons: we believe in the Australian market and we believe in Fresh Berry Co.,” Brad Dennis, CKF vice president of sales and marketing, said in the release. “We recognize that international markets are unique in their approaches to sustainable packaging and for Australian growers and retailers, certification to home compostable standards developed by and for the Australian market was important to meet.  Furthermore, we want to support the pioneering work being done by Fresh Berry Co to develop the market for Earthcycle packaging in the country”.

    The release said Earthcycle produce packaging is also certified home compostable to European standards and is considered widely recyclable in waste paper streams and is FSC (C145472) certified.  Earthcycle has an extensive product line of top seal punnets for soft fruit, tomatoes, grapes, and mushrooms along with industry standard trays that are used with flow wrap and over-wrap applications, the release said.

  • GEA Sustainable Energy Solutions significantly improve plant efficiency and reduce CO₂ emissions

    Potential energy savings of up to 30 percent and a significant reduction in CO₂ emissions by as much as 90 or even 100 percent:
    GEA’s Sustainable Energy Solutions (SEnS) offering integrates processes and utilities (refrigeration and heating) solutions, allowing GEA experts to develop optimization strategies for customers in diverse industries.

    Numerous successfully completed SEnS projects from GEA show:
    These optimizations reduce the customer’s energy footprint and running costs, without compromising output or the bottom line.

  • GEA explores digitally driven energy savings for industrial refrigeration systems at virtual Cooling Club on March 18

    Düsseldorf (Germany), February 24, 2021 — Companies benefit particularly strongly from the ever-evolving GEA Omni control panel. GEA is discussing the subject of digital control of industrial refrigeration systems in its first Cooling Club webinar of the year entitled, “Improve Your Bottom Line with the Energy-saving GEA Omni Control Panel”. The webinar will take place from 4:00- 5:00pm Central European Time on Thursday, March 18, 2021. 

    Click here to register. 

  • The bad, the ugly and the good - New consumer research highlights packaging frustrations and delights

    How attitudes to packaging and its functionality have changed over the past seven years, based on a detailed survey of 1,000 UK consumers, is the subject of a new White Paper from leading packaging tapes provider Essentra Tapes. 
    The full results were first revealed at a recent ThePackHub webinar, where Essentra Tape’s head of marketing & development, Ian Beresford, unveiled consumers’ latest opinions and compared them to previous research in 2013. 

  • Sustainability in Medium-Sized Enterprises: Schreiner Group Supports E-Mobility

    Schreiner Group has been committed to climate protection and sustainability for many years. As a result of its environmental programs, the high-tech company has reduced its carbon dioxide emissions by 65 percent and increased the utilization of renewable energies to more than 50 percent of its total energy consumption in recent years, among other things. Now the family-owned business has made another move towards a climate-neutral future by having installed and activated nine charging stations for electric vehicles at its headquarters in Oberschleissheim.

  • Nestlé Purina Introduces Refillable Packaging For Cat Litter


    Nestlé Purina has announced plans to launch Tidy Cats LightWeight Free & Clean cat litter in refillable containers in the US in association with Loop.

    The initiative is in line with Nestlé’s pledge to make 100% of its packaging recyclable or reusable by 2025 and reduce the use of virgin plastics by one third in the same timeframe.

    The empty packaging of the product will be collected, cleaned, and reused as part of Loop's circular shopping system.

    Loop is a global shopping platform for food and household goods that use reusable and refillable packaging.

    Diane Herndon, senior manager of sustainability at Purina, said, "The Tidy Cats expansion to Loop reflects our commitment to delivering innovative products and sustainable solutions that help reduce our environmental impact.

    "Our teams worked to design and develop new packaging that was durable enough to endure multiple uses and extreme conditions common to e-commerce while also ensuring the great experience that Tidy Cats users know and love."

    Initially, the product will be available on the e-commerce platform of Loop in 10 states.

    These include New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Vermont, Rhode Island, Delaware, and the district of Columbia.

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