• March 27, 2020 - COVID-19 Update

    We will continue to update you regularly, with full transparency. Please see our update below regarding our supply chain, customer service and operations.

    What you can expect from Intralox
    The primary change in the last week is the rapid introduction of “stay at home” mandates in geographic areas across the world. Intralox is a major supplier to essential industries including the food, beverage, and logistics industries. Intralox is classified as an essential business under such guidelines. We will continue to monitor all such restrictions carefully. All our employees who can work from home are doing so, and we have instituted strict health protocols for those who work in operations. Currently:  

    All Intralox assembly and business operations remain fully operational globally. We have sufficient inventory and capacity worldwide. At this point, our expedited services, free belt guarantees, and lead times remain in effect everywhere. We will do everything we can to respond to urgent orders in the food industry. 
    Our global supply chain is stable. We have not identified any production or raw materials sourcing issues that will impact our ability to support our customers. However, with new shelter in place rules, supply chain and shipping risks have increased. We are reviewing our supply chain every day. We are doing our best to navigate shipping challenges. 
    Our globally distributed account managers and technical professionals remain active and available for both remote and limited on-site visits to customer facilities. For your existing installed base, use of simple technology enables our experts to provide remote diagnosis directly to your plant.
    Our customers can connect via email or phone 24/7 to industry experts in our Customer Service department, supported by specialized technical experts accessible in real time. We have organized ourselves so these experts can operate remotely from home during the current period. We can respond immediately to service requests. 
    Of course, the situation is changing every day. We expect the number of cases to rise in the coming weeks and for additional regions to apply such guidelines to address the spread of COVID-19. Please continue to visit this page for the most recent updates.


    Edel Blanks
    Intralox President and CEO

  • Braskem, Biowash and Greco & Guerreiro sign partnership to launch packaging made from biobased plastics and post-consumer resin

    "The initiative reinforces the movement towards the circular economy, which is very important to Braskem and depends substantially on working together with our clients, partners and society in general. In this context, we are seeking more partnerships to develop new solutions that meet market trends, considering important aspects such as prior selection of raw material, design and the product's reintroduction into the production cycle through recycling," explained Rafaela Baldin, who is the client's main interface at Braskem.

    Reinforcing the importance of collaboration, the partnership also includes the converter Greco & Guerreiro , which is responsible for producing and supplying the new sustainable packaging to Biowash. The containers, which are used for concentrated multipurpose cleaners, laundry detergent and dishwashing soap, will contain 60% Braskem's biobased plastics and 40% PCR resin obtained from recycled plastic products.

    Since more than half of its composition is the biobased I'm greenTM plastic, which during its production captures CO2, an important greenhouse gas, the solution captures 6.30 tons of CO2 every year, which represents a reduction of up to 168% in emissions compared to conventional packaging solutions. According to Braskem, the volume of CO2 captured every year by the product is six times larger than the amount of CO2 absorbed by 1,000 new trees grown over ten years.

    And because it contains post-consumer resin, the packaging is even more sustainable, since it contributes to plastic waste being used as a raw material and gaining a new use in the production chain. "Using 40% natural PCR incorporates more sustainability into the packaging, while improving, without the use of dyes, the visual impact, which makes a difference at the point of sale. The collaborative effort, the awareness raised, the social inclusion of recyclable material collectors and cooperatives and the focus on circular economy combine all the values that have guided the business of Greco & Guerreiro over its 30 years in the market," said Marcelo Guerreiro Mason, the company's sustainability director.

    According to Biowash, the partnership goes far beyond its permanent commitment to quality and to respect for the environment. "This is Biowash's first step in delivering sustainable packaging, but we are still counting on consumers to do their part, by always sending their bottles for recycling," said Becky Weltzein, the company's managing-partner.

    In addition to signing partnerships for developing and improving its I'm greenTM portfolio, which includes bio-based and post-consumer solutions, Braskem continues to invest in actions to strengthen conscientious consumption and the contribution of plastics to the sustainable development of society.

    "The packaging addresses important issues, such as the safety of the final product, but it also represents the face of the brand and reinforces its identity in the market and with consumers, which leads us to believe that the partnerships we forge in this segment will help us convey a positive message to society. More importantly, we believe that engaging in the value chain will help us to advance in our purpose, which is to improve people's lives by creating sustainable solutions in chemicals and plastics, such as the new packaging for Biowash," concluded Baldin.

  • Turmeric use in biodegradable film

    The researchers added varying amounts of turmeric oil to biopolymer films made from cassava starch, glycerol and carboxymethyl-cellulose. Different thicknesses of the films were coated onto brown packaging paper, which was then incubated with A. niger spores. The researchers found that the films were effective, with larger amounts of turmeric oil in thicker films being better at inhibiting fungal growth. The packaging samples were also soaked in water to simulate contact with food moisture. The researchers measured the amounts of antimicrobial compounds released from the film into the water using ultraviolet spectrometry. They found that more antimicrobial compounds were released from thicker films. However, the thickest films released antimicrobial compounds too slowly, and the thinnest ones released them too quickly, making them ineffective against microorganisms that take a long time to start growing. The researchers also tested the coated packaging's biodegradability by burying samples in soil that was exposed to rain and sun. They found that the packaging degraded more slowly as the turmeric oil content and film thickness increased, as the higher oil content kept soil microbes away. This continued up until the highest turmeric oil volumes, when degradation sped up again.


    The golden brass cap reminds the neck of the bottle, that is surrounded by the cordlet, carefully twisted. Each tassel is delivered on cardboard to facilitate its installation, and wrapped in a plastic case ensuring its hold during transport.

    Seram manages to offer solutions, in a unique handcrafted style, produced at a large scale and easy to implement on the production lines of its customers.

  • Innovative Lipstick Packaging

    Getting consumer to even notice the pack is a great first step. By seeing this pack, you are bound to give a second closer look to the product. We have either seen a completely transparent cover or opaque one

  • Reifenhauser Reicofil produces meltdown for face masks

    Reifenhäuser Reicofil converts its own meltblown test lines to production and thus supplies material for up to one million face masks daily.


  • Laminates by Essel

    Customized Specialty Laminates:

    Essel's facilities in China and India work proficiently with their Creativity and Innovation teams customizing specialty laminates. Essel offers new web structures for aggressive products or simply provide a distinct visual element to the material. The R&D and graphics facilities are made available to all its customers for development and testing requirements. The modern R&D unit uses the most sophisticated equipment for testing and new product development. From aluminum barrier laminates to custom coloured plastic laminates, the variety of Essel web structures offers something special for every unique product.

    Aluminum Barrier Laminates (ABL):

    ABL tubes have an aluminum foil barrier, which provides superior light, air and moisture barrier along with reduced flavor absorption. The material density offers a more durable tube and allows for additional dispensing of the products contents. Pastes, ointments, creams and gels that typically dentifrice as well as over-the-counter and pharmaceutical products fare well in ABL tube packaging.

    Plastic Barrier Laminates (PBL):

    PBL structures are a good option for packaging that needs to maintain its form and shape. It presents a more cosmetic look and is environmentally friendly. Special barriers can be provided such as EVOH (Ethylene Vinyl Alcohol Polymer) to offer strong chemical resistance. Standard material is offered in white or natural (clear) but specialty custom colours can also be developed.

    Speciality & Custom Materials:

    A metallic, iridescent, holographic, soft touch or custom coloured material is sure to capture the customer’s attention by adding to the look and feel of a product. For aggressive or hard-to-hold formulations, Essel can customize relevant materials to suit any kind of need. Essel offers different barrier strengths and thicknesses in web stock to comply with various requirements (5 Layer Laminate Structures, Barrier Layer -either Aluminum foil or EVOH for Plastic laminate, Copolymer / Tie layer and Polyethylene)

  • Food blogger presents a surprise box for new confectionery products

    The extraordinary shipping boxes are a result of close cooperation with DS Smith. The display and packaging strategists were responsible for the entire process from packaging design and graphic layout through digital pre-printing to production of the boxes. What mattered most here was the unboxing experience and a thrilling presentation of eagerly awaited new products. Thanks to the circumferential tear-off strip, the external packaging can be opened easily. When sliding the box open, the two halves gradually reveal the brightly coloured interior packaging with the look and feel of the Foodnewsgermany site.

    In the first step, as many as three cheerfully coloured designs were developed and printed by means of the digital pre-printing technology. Along with the splendid quality of printing, the innovative technology makes it possible to apply different motifs in one single print run – without cumbersome preparation of printing plates or cliché.

    The sophisticated box-in-box system from DS Smith offers obvious advantages also during the packaging process. Since the inner and outer packaging of the e@Box are still connected with each other when lying flat, they can be quickly and easily assembled, filled, and sealed. The inner packaging together with the branded products is perfectly protected on the way to the follower: To ensure top quality and, at the same time, highly emotional presentation of the new products.

  • Safe Supply Chain in Hospitals Using RFID

    Error-free medication management in hospitals can save lives. Medicines equipped with RFID-Labels can be tracked from the hospital pharmacy to bedside dispensing and their availability ensured. This presupposes that the RFID-Label and tracking system are perfectly matched. The new partnership between pharma label specialist Schreiner MediPharm and the U.S. company Kit Check, a provider of RFID tracking software and hardware, will ensure this in the future.


  • Labeling Solutions Provider Luminer Expands Extended Content Label Capacity & Capabilities through Infrastructure Investment

    Additional high-speed ECL production line broadens bandwidth, offers exacting booklet placement and provides efficiency-based  cost effectiveness. 

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