• Coveris Targets Growth in BOPP Beverage Labels

    Following significant investment over the last 18 months, Coveris has established a state-of-the-art BOPP label manufacturing facility at its Louth site with a dedicated finishing hall and installation of specialist high-speed slitting equipment. To support growth plans in the beverage market, Coveris has made further investment and upgraded its BOPP label manufacturing capabilities with the installation of the UK’s first fully automated Universal X6 slitter.

    Using the latest technology, the Universal X6 slitter provides high-speed efficiency, accuracy and automation in Coveris’ production of BOPP labels, increasing the site’s capacity to over 3 billion labels per year. With moisture imperious qualities and performance during high speed application, reel-fed BOPP labels are typically used in the PET bottling industry for water, dairy-based and carbonated drinks.

    Already a supplier to world-leading brand owners and bottlers, including Coca-Cola European Partners and Refresco, Coveris targets further growth in the BOPP label sector, complementing its existing beverage packaging footprint in plain and printed collation shrink film, pressure sensitive (self-adhesive) labels, stretch sleeve and shrink sleeve formats.

    “Coveris is uniquely positioned as the leading supplier of plain and printed films to the beverage sector in Europe. Supported by investment in state-of-the-art technology, dedicated BOPP manufacturing capabilities and award-winning print, we are able to provide our customers with leading quality, service and products, while targeting ambitious growth in the BOPP beverage industry”, commented Mark Summers, Coveris Films Sales Director.

    Coveris’ print quality at its Louth site was recognised at the European Flexographic Industry Association (EFIA) this year. Coveris was awarded Gold in the ‘Flexo Print on Film – Reverse Print Narrow’ category for a collation shrink film multipack for French Coca-Cola brand Tropico.


    The new protective films are suitable for use on both stainless steel and painted metals. As with all protective films from POLIFILM PROTECTION, the new films protect valuable surfaces from scratches and damage during processing, handling and installation. The unique aspect of these films is a new natural rubber based adhesive formulation which has been developed that enables the films to be used at low temperatures. As a result of its particularly soft consistency it retains elasticity in the event of cold weather during for example, processing on construction sites, use in unheated production plants or when used in cold rooms. Aiding this performance is a new improved release layer. The benefits of this new technology are considerable. Take, for example the lamination: with conventional protective films the force needed to unwind the film increases significantly as the temperature decreases. This increases the risk of partial separation of the release layer during unwinding. This is not the case with this new film technology: it guarantees reliable unwinding across a wide temperature range, and thus cost efficient manufacturing. The properties of the innovative protective films have similar beneficial effects when it comes to removing the films. With typical protective films the adhesive layer can become brittle at low temperatures, which can leave residue when the film is removed. These new protective films from POLIFILM PROTECTION can be removed without leaving residue, even in cold environments. So now there is no more need to wait for the temperature to warm up or preheat the film. With this new protective film, users have a solution that will work for them the whole year round – without compromising on performance!

  • Vacuum timing belts: endlessly constant

    The basis is always an endless branded timing belt. Endlessly coated, it has above-average functional reliability. Due to tight manufacturing tolerances, the Esband vacuum trigger belts ensure consistency at high cycle rates.

    Backing materials and coatings with particularly high abrasion resistance are available to extend the service life. At the same time, an optimal coefficient of friction can be achieved for the respective application. Customers can choose between coatings made of natural rubber, silicone or polyurethane, each with different surface textures.

    In addition to standard versions for all well-known OEMs in the industry (for example Bosch), customer-specific processing such as milling or perforation is also possible. With customizable endless flat belts, weighing belts, sausage conveyor belts or separator belts, Max Schlatterer GmbH & Co. KG offers further solutions for food processing.

  • Custom Packaging and Business Markete

    Buildings stand tall on their bases. News channels base on their reporters. Vehicles run fast on the base of their engines. Almost every worthwhile thing has its base or key part without which it can’t perform any function. None of us can survive without brain and heart. Similarly, no business can exist without sales. More sales, more progress. No sales, no progress. Therefore, everyone who is in the world of business wants to increase sales in order to grow, live a luxurious life, achieve big goals and lead a prosperous life. Same is the case with those who are in the business of custom packaging, no matter manufacturing custom boxes or dealing in the wholesale of these printed boxes, and want to become successful in their lives.

    How to Increase Sales

    But here the key question is how to increase the sales? In the world of business in general and in the field of packaging in particular countless tycoons are already present and competition is on its peak. In this situation how a business novice or a small entrepreneur can expect to grab lion’s share from the market? Of course, it’s not an easy job and like all big dreams or difficult tasks, this too can’t be achieved easily. However, nothing is impossible in this world. Every task can be achieved through hard work and perseverance but this hard work should not be misdirected because in spite of taking one near to its targets, misdirected approach takes one into such a deep ditch from where it becomes very difficult to get out. Therefore, if you are manufacturing customized packaging boxes of various types like cartridge boxes, CBD boxes, cosmetic boxes etc. and want to see your business making progress by leaps and bounds then first of all you have to ensure your right direction. And for this you have to make a proper plan with the consultation of the experts of the industry then you have to discuss this plan with other professionals in order to counter check your strategy. Then you must also discuss each and every point of your plan with your team. After pondering over each and every bit of it, you should implement it with full force, attention, honesty and devotion and then you should never look back no matter whatever happens. Although the business peers in general and the experts of the paper packaging industry in particular have introduced multiple ideas for those who want to plunge into this field and love to become a prominent entrepreneur but here we will discuss in a little detail a few of these only in order to understand how we can become or at least try our best to become a notable figure in the industry of Kraft packaging boxes.

    Innovations and Packaging Industry

    No matter you produce custom packaging boxes with logo for cosmetics or cartridges, cigarettes or candles etc. if you want to increase your sales then first of all you have to become innovative. Without coming forward with innovative ideas you can’t achieve big goals because when you will go to those who may require packaging stuff in order to pack their products then they will ask, why should they purchase your boxes? What is special about your stuff which others lack? And if your stuff is equivalent to that of others then why should they prefer yours? And by the why, if you stop here to think about these questions you will find these quite justified! Here comes the need of innovation that can give you some lead and make the required difference. Therefore, if you want to become a prominent businessman among the host of others, you should hire expert box designers. You should sit with them and try to motivate them to conceive some new ideas regarding designs. No matter you and your designers succeed in introducing a new style of printing, a unique shape of containers, an outstanding quality of the raw paper or anything else, but if somehow or the other, you succeed in introducing some innovative packaging containers, you will become famous in the market in a few days and no one will become able to curtail your sales.

    Joint-Ventures and Packaging Field

    Those who make or sale custom printed Kraft boxes should not undermine the significance of joint ventures because these ventures play a decisive role in supporting the business in thick and thin. For instance, if you have signed a deal of five or ten years with some producers of packaging requiring products and during this era, market has to suffer a major downfall for any reason, all other will face massive decline in their sales but you will remain safe because of your joint ventures as your permanent customers will keep demanding packaging boxes either in minimum quantity but you will become save from any major shortfall or shutdown.

    Marketing and Packaging Business

    If you are producing good stuff but not introducing others with it, you will fail to achieve big goals. Without conveying your message to the clients or the expected clients all your efforts to produce high quality products will meet a failure. Therefore, try to build your links in the market. Personally visit those who produce packaging requiring stuff and may need your custom printed retail boxes, custom boxes wholesale and customized display boxes etc. Hire a devoted, honest and passionate marketing team in order to spread your message to the expected clients. Train your marketing staff according to the modern marketing techniques. Announce special bonuses and other packages not only for your marketing staff but also for your customers because without giving attractive offers you can’t win hearts of your customers, especially in this era of competition.

    Opportunities and Box Manufacturers

    Never lose an opportunity. Always remain ready to give an efficient response to good opportunities if you really want to become successful. These opportunities can be of many types. Christmas shopping festival, New Year shopping festival etc. are some of the eras when almost every manufacturer, wholesaler and retailer can expect heavy sales. Similarly, sometime one may receive one or multiple heavy orders because of some local activity. If you produce or deal in the wholesale of Kraft Packaging then always remain ready to give positive response to your customers in such times because doing so will not only provide you a onetime opportunity but it will enable you to build stronger ties with your clients for the future as well.

  • The flexible solution for all snack producers

    From Skilled Group they already have 2 multi lines Palletizer Systems, 2 automated LGVs (Laser Guided Vehicles), one Stretch Wrapper and all connection conveyors. With the last agreement they add the 4th new Pelletizing System and the new 3rd automatic LGV.

    As you can see from the layout, even the last Palletizer System has an anthropomorphic robot that can handle with one automatic single head carton boxes, shelfready carton trays (400×600 mm and 400×400 mm with variable heights), carton intersheets and empty europallets 800×1200 mm.

    The maximum height of the full pallet is 2800 mm and could be loaded with only the carton boxes or with carton boxes and the second empty pallet. Therefore, with this Skilled End of Line System the Customer has all the flexibility required by his modern production.


  • Safe’n’Spray™, the smart electronic concept device with child-resistant and locking features, wins the ‘Best Innovation In Drug Delivery Device’ Award at Pharmapack 2020

    Safe’n’Spray is an integrated device with reusable electronic locking unit and fingerprint identification, to monitor drug delivered and prevent patient from overdosing. Safe’n’Spray responds to specific needs of controlling the doses delivered to patients in a defined period of time, in order to prevent any overdosing.

    Indeed, Safe’n’Spray offers maximum safety for patients while using multidose potent drug products, without any risk of overdosing compared to other systems (e.g. unit-dose).

    Moreover, Safe’n’Spray offers a unique possibility to reuse the “SAFE” electronic part once the “SPRAY” part with the drug is over (eco-friendly on both economic and ecologic sides).

    The fingerprint sensor for patient unique identification acts as an easy and intuitive child-resistant feature, without the need for adding any secondary packaging with a Child resistant function.

    Opposite to fully integrated devices, Safe’n’Spray does not change the manufacturing process of primary packaging on existing filling lines, as another module will deal with assembling Safe’n’Spray around primary packaging.

    Last but not least, Safe’n’Spray is a connected device, linked with e-Nemera Cloud Solution, Nemera’s cloud platform. It offers access to patients, healthcare professionals and pharma companies for various services: treatment management, statistical analysis, etc.

    “We are very proud to receive this prestigious award.” – said Marc Hämel, Nemera’s CEO – “According to the World Health Organization, overdose deaths contribute to between roughly a third and a half of all drug-related deaths, which are attributable in most cases to opioids. With Safe’n’SprayTM, we offer a solution to prevent any overdosing thanks to the different electronic features. This product is also user-friendly, child-resistant and sustainable, with a reusable electronic locking unit. Receiving the Pharmapack ‘Best Innovation in Drug Delivery Device’ Award is a great recognition for all our teams working every day to improve patients’ lives with innovative ideas.”

    Safe’n’Spray at a glance:

    Benefits for patients:

    • Prevent overdosing of potent drugs (e.g. breakthrough pain)
    • Intuitive and easy to use (fingerprint identification & simple display)


    • Reusable electronic locking unit for cost-savings
    • Fingerprint for patient ID and as a smart child resistant function
    • Simple display (doses left, remaining time for the next dose, feedback in case of misuse)
    • Relevant data available through e-Nemera cloud system

    This Christmas Selfridges is launching a sustainable alternative to plastic packaging across its own brand range of festive food using innovative home compostable cellulose film NatureFlexTM.

    As part of Selfridges’ commitment to making its products better for people and the planet, iconic items in this year’s Selfridges Selection Christmas range, including mince pies and Christmas cake, are now 100% plastic free. The plastic used in the packaging of these products in previous years, for example in trays, windows and bags, has this year been replaced with either recyclable card or NatureFlexTM.

    The plastic alternative looks, feels and behaves like plastic, but is made from renewable and responsibly sourced wood pulp and entirely home compostable in just eight to ten weeks. The cellulose film, made in Cumbria, was several years in development to achieve certified status for home composting. Customers will be able to tell at a glance thanks to a sticker on the packaging that says ‘I’m compostable – just place me in your home food waste’. Selfridges is continuously looking at ways to improve the sustainability of all its own label products and working on solutions across its Foodhalls and in restaurants.

    There is increasing demand for more environmentally responsible packaging, with new Selfridges’ research* saying that 82% of consumers are concerned about the environmental impact of plastic food packaging. With the festive season being a time for entertaining and indulgence, almost two thirds of people (64%) are concerned about the impact of Christmas specifically on the environment and more than half of UK consumers (56%) will consider the amount of packaging when buying Christmas food. With the introduction of NatureFlexTM film to the range, this year almost 90,000 individual mince pies and more than 3,000 Christmas cakes sold at Selfridges will no longer come wrapped in plastic.

    Daniella Vega, Selfridges’ Director of Sustainability, says: “We know our customers share our concern for the environment and we’re continually looking at ways in which we can address the sustainability of our products as part of our Buying Better, Inspiring Change approach which sits at the heart of our business strategy. This includes reducing our plastic use and introducing more sustainable products and packaging. NatureFlex is an incredible alternative; it looks just like plastic but can be easily popped into the food waste bin or home compost after use. We look forward to introducing this innovative product to our customers and helping them to tackle plastic waste this festive season.”

    Clare McKeown, UK & Ireland Sales Manager at Futamura, manufacturer of NatureFlexTM, comments: “We’re delighted to be working with Selfridges in making their food and drink packaging more sustainable. If other retailers follow their lead and consider the same swap, we have the potential to eliminate an enormous amount of plastic from landfill, which would have a hugely positive impact on the environment.”

    As well as the reduction of plastic across the Selfridges Selection range, this year all products are palm oil free, following the brand’s commitment to removing it from all own label products by December 2019.

    In a response to increased consumer demand for plant-based food, for the first time there are nine new vegan Christmas favourites in the own label collection, including Vegan Spiced Pumpkin Panettone and Vegan Chocolate Pralines that rival their classic counterparts on flavour.

    Selfridges’ commitment to reducing plastic and finding sustainable packaging alternatives extends beyond the festive season and the retailer will be rolling out NatureFlexTM to a selection of its all year round biscuits and cakes. Selfridges has a long history of addressing the issue of plastic pollution as part of its Project Ocean campaign which launched in 2011.

  • Sensor that indicates shelf life of packaged foods

    A new technology developed by BlakBear in partnership with TPG Rewards lets consumers know how much shelf life is left in every packaged food, even before they purchase it.

  • Digispense® 4000 Programmable Liquid Dispensing System

    The DigiSpense® 4000’s panel mount compact footprint, along with minimal side-to-side clearances, allows multiple controllers to fit into a dedicated cabinet, or to be combined with other control equipment in an existing cabinet. Terminal block style connectors allow the cables to be passed through conduits during installation, while maintaining quick-disconnection. Two Ethernet ports enable the fieldbus to be wired in either a star or ring topology. Multi-color LEDs provide the user with local feedback of the status of the network, dispensing state, and power supply.

    The DigiSpense® 4000 controller is simple to operate out of the box. Parameter configuration screens allow for easy creation of unique dispensing profiles. Improved integration to PLC control systems, facilitated by Ethernet fieldbus communication options and web browser services, reduces development time and cost.

    EtherNetIP Passed

    Features & Benefits:

    Production Modes: Dispense, Meter, Feeder
    Fluidic Setup Modes: Prime, Agitate, Bubble Clear
    Volume Units: nanoliters (nl), microliters (µl), milliliters (ml)
    Configurable drawback to enhance fluidic sheering at tip
    Compact footprint for mounting multiple controllers into a cabinet
    Flexible 24-48VDC input power, filtered and reverse polarity protected
    Multi-color LEDs for quick identification of status
    Recipe storage of up to 32 dispensing profiles
    Password protected permission levels to limit operator access to dispensing profile
    Ethernet/IP™ ODVA Conformant™
    CE Conformance
    One Year Warranty

  • Lan will deploy handling expertise in Eastern Europe

    Automation in new pet food factoryKormotech, one of the largest animal food producers from Eastern Europe, is going to build a new factory for the super premium Optimeal and premium Club4Paws pet food brands in Lithuania. Lan’s contribution concerns the delivery of a pouch handling line with 3 loaders, 2 unloaders with integrated In-Line Dryers to handle pouches with wet cat and dog food. Steriflow supplies the sterilisation retorts. Delivery is planned for April 2020.

    Lan works in multidisciplinary teams: mechanical, electrical and software designers work together with our technicians to achieve the best results. The new, state-of-the-art building in Tilburg where a large glass wall separates the office from the production hall, makes an enormous contribution to this.

    Why Lan?

    We can handle innovative packaging – such as uncommon shapes. We have solutions to handle multipack with different flavors. We are market leader in pouch handling. Benefit from our extensive experience with more than 500+ projects worldwide. We integrate the latest techniques and trends (digitization, low energy and air consumption).

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