• Aluminium industry welcomes rapid state aid

    Düsseldorf, 1 April 2020 - Even the aluminium industry cannot escape the dramatic developments in industrial activity in Germany and the rest of Europe. According to an ad hoc survey conducted by Gesamtverband der Aluminiumindustrie (GDA), 80 per cent of the companies questioned said that new orders and call-off figures from the automotive industry had declined sharply and had even come to a complete standstill in some cases.

  • Utilizing the void Vacuum manufacturer Leybold celebrates 170th birthday

    Cologne, April 2020 – Traditionally, companies can only be sustainable if they are innovative. The vacuum specialist Leybold succeeded with its combination of tradition and innovation over the course of its history. With this in mind, Leybold is proud to honor this important milestone by celebrating its 170th birthday in 2020.

  • "We want to distinguish ourselves as the leading service company in the market"

    Interview with Clemens Berger, Managing Director of the Food Business Unit at Syntegon Technology in Waiblingen

  • Reifenhäuser Reicofil converts its own meltblown test lines to production and thus supplies material for up to one million face masks daily.

    Troisdorf, March 23, 2020 | The German machinery and plant manufacturer
    Reifenhäuser Reicofil has temporarily converted two of its test plants due to
    the corona pandemic: The lines installed in the nonwovens technology
    center, which are otherwise exclusively used for research and development
    as well as customer trials, have been producing meltblown material for the
    production of urgently needed face masks for one week. This is the
    company's response to the current emergency in the supply of medical
    protective material.

  • Packaging needs to be recognised by EU and national governments as an essential part of the continued flow of goods during the COVID-19 pandemic

    Brussels, 20 March 2020 - The members of EUROPEN, the European Organisation for Packaging and the Environment, are doing their utmost to maintain the necessary supply of food and hygiene products as well as medicines to citizens throughout Europe during the COVID-19 pandemic. To guarantee the continued uninterrupted flow of (packaged) goods, the Commission needs to recognise packaging and its raw materials as essential and to open the designated priority lanes, the “green lanes” for their intra-EU transport.

  • Dare Foods invites Schubert North America team to visit its Canadian Headquarters

    Dare Foods Limited, a globally leading manufacturer of healthy snack solutions such as cookies, crackers, fine breads and candy, has relied on Schubert’s TLM packaging machines since more than ten years. In two of Dare Food’s six manufacturing plants across North America, automation systems of the German company ensure smooth production processes and high flexibility. Ever since its first hand-made cookie was baked in 1892, Dare maintains its commitment to high quality products. A promise that is not only upheld there, but also in its equipment. The two companies are connected by a long-standing partnership and common grounds. Both are family-owned and employ over 1300 people. Schubert has shared Dare Foods’ path of success for many years.

  • Smurfit Kappa combines expertise with Mitsubishi HiTec Paper to create innovative food packaging

    A combination of Smurfit Kappa’s expertise in paper-based packaging and Mitsubishi HiTec Paper’s strength in coated papers has led to the first product in the new range being shortlisted as a finalist in the Swiss Packaging Awards.

    The outer board-based packaging was made from Smurfit Kappa’s ground-breaking MB12 packaging solution which has a unique, built-in adsorbing technology which protects against aromas and possible migration of substances. The inner packaging, which contains Mitsubishi HiTec Paper’s BARRICOTE barrier paper, offers protection against moisture and grease and has heat-sealing properties. This unique solution demonstrates the possibility to create functional board-based packaging that is fully recyclable thanks to the optimised use of renewable raw materials in the barrier.

    "It has been a very interesting and collaborative process for us working with Mitsubishi HiTec Paper on this project,” said Lars Henriksson, VP of Product Development of the Smurfit Kappa Paper Division. “The fibres that our industry-leading paper is made from are an excellent solution for a huge range of products due to a range of attributes, not least their inherent sustainability.”

    Dr. Dieter Becker, Director of New Business Development & CSR at Mitsubishi HiTec Paper added: “As experts in specialty paper coatings, we brought our know-how in barrier and protective coatings to this process. “Our solutions are completely free from foil, laminates, aluminium and fluorocarbons. Instead, we rely on the highest possible percentage of biodegradable resources which is why Smurfit Kappa’s MB12 solution was the right one.”

    HOBAKO AG, a Swiss producer of chocolate products, together with SCHELLING AG, its Swiss packaging provider, were the first to use the new board-based packaging solution which was shortlisted as a finalist in both the sustainability and technology categories of the Swiss Packaging Awards earlier this year.

  • Aluminum conveyor systems

    The aluminum conveyor is easy to assemble and no welding is needed. Aluminum is an excellent material for conveyor beams thanks to its tensile strength, density, formability, weldability, and corrosion resistance. 

    The low weight of the aluminum conveyor reduces the environmental impact when transported, it also contributes to a lower shipping cost. When recycled aluminum consumes only 5% of the energy that would be required to create a similar quantity from raw materials, a significant green saving.

  • DS Smith partners with Keep Scotland Beautiful in a bid to recycle millions of coffee cups

    In 2019, Scotland made its way through 500 million single-use coffee cups, with Greater Glasgow contributing almost 100 million cups alone. With coffee cup recycling rates at only 4%, over 90 million cups ended up in landfill or incineration to produce energy-from-waste (EfW).

    Focussing initially on Glasgow, Keep Scotland Beautiful has created a city-wide programme called the Cup Movement®, to increase awareness, guide businesses, and reduce coffee cup waste. As part of this programme, DS Smith will roll out its successful Coffee Cup Drop Box recycling service.

    Made from 100% recycled materials, our Coffee Cup Drop Boxes can hold up to 700 used cups, and once full, we will collect the boxes in conjunction with Royal Mail Relay and take it to our paper mill in Kemsley for recycling back into new paper products.

    We are proud to be supporting both Keep Scotland Beautiful and their efforts to increase coffee cup recycling in Scotland, beginning with Glasgow. Since announcing in 2018 that we had the potential to recycle up to 2.5 billion cups at our paper recycling mill we have been working with stakeholders to work out how to collect more cups for Recycling.The introduction of our Coffee Cup Drop box was a significant development in improving coffee cup collection infrastructure, and to be working with Keep Scotland Beautiful to target the 500 million cups in Scotland is really exciting for us.

    — Tom Campbell-White, European Strategic Development Director at DS Smith

  • TopClip Can Topper

    With a 30% lower carbon footprint than a shrink film consumer pack, the paper-based TopClip is completely plastic-free and 100% renewable, recyclable and biodegradable. Furthermore, as it is made from less material and does not require glue, it is significantly more sustainable than other recently launched same-purpose packaging solutions on the market.

    TopClip fully covers the top of the cans, protecting them from contamination and providing excellent branding opportunities. It has two die-cut holes so it can be handled easily in-store and has received excellent feedback in consumer tests.

    Smurfit Kappa is currently working with several large automation suppliers to develop a full turnkey solution for interested customers.

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