• CRREO - Child Resistant

    CRREO utilizes several patented features, including Slider-Guard™ child resistant slider, which is the first-ever child-resistant slider for flexible packaging. While it is difficult for children; it is very easy for adults to open.

    The CRREO pouch material cannot be torn and has gone through exhaustive testing with children and adults under the testing requirements of the Poison Prevention Packaging Act and has been approved by the CPSC and EPA under the classification of ASTM D3475-08, Type XIA.

    Available options:

    Pouches ranging from 8.5” x 6” up to 13.5” x 9” with a 2” gusset

    Clear or opaque unprinted

    Custom printed with up to 10 colors of high definition graphics

    Multiple pouch formats including flat and stand-up

    Laser score option for tamper evident tear off

  • StarPak licenses Dow’s PacXpert™ Packaging Technology to expand flexible packaging options

    StarPak plans to utilize Dow’s PacXpert™ Packaging Technology in various applications in the future, enabling customers to transition to flexible, lightweight and collapsible stand-up pouches which have the ability to hold liquid and solid material.

    StarPak’s pipeline of potential customers will enable the company to quickly invest in machinery to manufacture these PacXpert™ pouches.

    “We’re an agile company, able to quickly combine innovation with technologies like Dow’s PacXpert™ Packaging Technology to help our customers meet whatever the market demands,” said Michael S. Ukropina, CEO of StarPak. “Dow’s curiosity, collaborative approach and continuous R&D complement how we operate, and we look forward to working together to optimize PacXpert™ Packaging Technology for our customers.”

    The two companies finalized the PacXpert™ license agreement after coming together for an Innovation Day at Dow’s Pack Studios facility in Freeport, Texas, where Dow brings together a global network of packaging specialists, equipment and testing to accelerate the development of improved packaging.

    “We’re committed to partnering with StarPak for the long term,” said Fabrice Digonnet, global leader for PacXpert™ Packaging Technology at Dow. “This agreement builds on Dow’s global network of PacXpert™ licensees, demonstrating a shared commitment to developing better, more sustainable packaging solutions for a wide range of applications.”

    About StarPak

    StarPak is a fully-integrated, premier printer and leading global supplier of high-quality flexible packaging products. Through the use of the latest technologies, their highly experienced and innovative team is dedicated to producing high performance products with the lowest possible carbon footprint. StarPak sets the standards in the flexible plastic industry with a solid reputation as a customer-driven organization and commitment to innovation and sustainability. For more information, visit www.starpakltd.com.

    About Dow Packaging and Specialty Plastics

    Packaging and Specialty Plastics (P&SP), a business unit of Dow (NYSE: DOW), combines core strengths of R&D, worldwide reach, broad product lines and industry expertise to deliver high performing technologies for end use markets in food packaging, personal hygiene, infrastructure, consumer goods and transportation. P&SP is one of the world’s largest producers of polyethylene resins, functional polymers, and adhesives, and is a leading innovator and collaborator across the value chain on sustainable application development and circular economy life-cycle design for plastics.

    About Dow

    Dow (NYSE: DOW) combines one of the broadest technology sets in the industry with asset integration, focused innovation and global scale to achieve profitable growth and become the most innovative, customer centric, inclusive and sustainable materials science company. Dow’s portfolio of performance materials, industrial intermediates and plastics businesses delivers a broad range of differentiated science-based products and solutions for our customers in high-growth segments, such as packaging, infrastructure and consumer care. Dow operates 113 manufacturing sites in 31 countries and employs approximately 37,000 people. Dow delivered pro forma sales of approximately $50 billion in 2018. References to Dow or the Company mean Dow Inc. and its subsidiaries.

    For more information, please visit www.dow.com or follow @DowNewsroom on Twitter.

    For further information contact:

    Jennifer Varadi

    (281) 966-2098

    Bobby Jones

    (312) 729-4308


  • Tips for Avoiding Over Packing

    In today’s changing landscape, consumers are increasingly seeking products — and product packaging — that are sustainable and environmentally friendly. Shifting purchasing criteria and mounting environmental concerns are driving innovation, and consumers are becoming increasingly powerful deciders.

  • Aptar Food + Beverage Introduces the Olympian Closure

    In 2017 Aptar performed a consumer study with one-on-one interviews to gain feedback on protein products offered today. Our consumer research revealed that users of protein powder products are brand loyal and ingredient conscious, but that they experience frustration with current packages offered today. Consumers expressed frustration with removing liners and digging for the scoop within the powder, as well as concerns about contaminating the product and making a mess when digging for the scoop.

    “In the fast-paced era we live in, consumers are placing increasingly higher value on their time and convenience that a brand offers them. Often a simple twist of package to provide rapid access to the product and its safe re-closure is what makes users repurchase a product,” explained Anna Frolova-Levi, Director, Global Business Development, Nutraceuticals at Aptar.

    Aptar introduces the Olympian closure to address consumer frustrations today. This wide snap-top closure allows consumers quick product access without the need to unscrew the cap Olympian features a BAP® pull-ring liner, which besides providing tamper evidence and sealing integrity, it gives consumers an easy liner removal. Olympian also provides a scoop holder for consumers to attach the scoop to the lid, avoiding mess and product contamination.

  • "International Trade Fair for Beverage and Liquid Food Technology"

    Drink Technology India is the international trade fair for the beverage and liquid food industry. It covers the full spectrum of the liquid food and beverage sector in India. The show is divided into different exhibition sectors like soft drinks, beer and brewery equipment up to liquid food and for the first-time oils and fats.

  • Food Pack Asia- "International Exhibition for Food Processing and Packaging Industry"

    Food Pack Asia is the most comprehensive sourcing platform for food processing & packaging machinery, drink technology, hotel & restaurant technology and bakery innovation for Thai food and beverage industrialists. The exhibition provides an excellent opportunity for food industrialists and beverage professionals who are looking for new technology, machinery and business solutions of food processing, packaging machinery, drink technology, and other related products and services from Thailand and overseas.

  • Indian Government makes packaging of food grains in jute bags mandatory

    To give an impetus to the diversification of the jute industry, the Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs (CCEA) on Thursday extended the norms for mandatory packaging of 100% food grains and 20% sugar in diversified jute bags.

    “Decision mandating packaging of 100% foodgrains & 20% sugar in diversified jute bags will benefit 3.7 lakh workers & 40 lakh farmers specially in West Bengal,” textiles minister Smriti Irani said in a tweet, adding that the government purchases over Rs 7500 crore worth jute bags to sustain core demand of the sector.

    As per an official statement, the government has expanded the scope of mandatory packaging norms under the Jute Packaging Material (JPM) Act, 1987.

    In case of any shortage or disruption in the supply of jute packaging material or in other contingency/exigency, the textiles ministry may, in consultation with the user ministries concerned “relax these provisions further, up to a maximum of 30 % of the production of foodgrains over and above the provisions”, it said.

    The approval will benefit farmers and workers located in the Eastern and North Eastern regions of the country particularly in the states of West Bengal, Bihar, Odisha, Assam, Andhra Pradesh, Meghalaya and Tripura.

    Under the Jute Packaging Materials (Compulsory use in Packing Commodities) Act, 1987, the government is required to consider and provide for the compulsory use of jute packaging material in the supply and distribution of certain commodities in the interest of production of raw jute and jute packaging material and of persons engaged in the production thereof.

    Therefore, the reservation norms in present proposal would further the interest of domestic production of raw jute and jute packaging material in India, thereby, making India self-reliant in consonance with Aatma Nirbhar Bharat, the ministry said.





  • LANXESS launches bio-based prepolymer line Adiprene Green

    Specialty chemicals company LANXESS has developed a new range of MDI polyether prepolymers containing renewable, bio-based raw materials. Marketed under the brand name Adiprene Green, the products are suitable as replacement for existing fossil based polyether prepolymers to manufacture highly durable polyurethane (PU) elastomers. The overall objective to develop Adiprene Green was to create a range of bio-based prepolymers which allow the PU processor to produce components with a reduced CO2 footprint. Depending on the system, a reduction of CO2 between 20 to 30 percent is possible compared to fossil-based prepolymers due to the use of polyether polyols based on starch. The share of bio-based raw materials varies between 30 to 90 percent dependent on the targeted system hardness. At the same time the existing PU processing capabilities would remain applicable and the properties of the final polyurethane elastomer would be similar to established elastomers based on fossil based polyether or even better. Dr. Markus Eckert, head of the LANXESS Urethane Systems business unit, says: “At LANXESS, we have a clear sustainability strategy. With the goal to be climate neutral until 2040, we are building on our established and successful commitment to climate protection. The first major projects have already been launched. By using our new Adiprene Green products, customers can benefit from our journey to climate neutrality.” Adiprene Green prepolymers are easy to handle – they are processed in an identical manner to conventional prepolymers. No modifications to material handling, process temperatures or mixing ratios are necessary. In addition, the reactivity profile and demolding times are similar to fossil based polyether prepolymers. When reacted with 1,4 butanediol, a range of PU elastomers with a hardness from 40 Shore A to 60 Shore D can be achieved. As the PU system is versatile, Adiprene Green can be hand-mixed or machine mixed. Moreover, the prepolymers can be processed with Vibracat catalysts from LANXESS. Products of the Adiprene Green line are well suited for demanding applications such as roll covers, wheels, press sleeves or non-pneumatic tires.

  • KKR Invests in CMC Machinery to Drive Innovation in Sustainable Packaging

    Leading global investment firm KKR today announced an investment in CMC Machinery, a manufacturer of automated packaging solutions in Italy. Financial details of the transaction were not disclosed.

    Founded in 1980 and headquartered in Città di Castello, CMC Machinery is a premium provider of innovative e-commerce 3D on-demand packaging, using advanced end-of-line technology to improve environmental impact by reducing the consumption of packaging materials. The company is led by the Ponti family and employs a team of approximately 200 based in the Umbria region, specializing in the design and manufacturing of advanced automated packaging solutions for some of the world's largest retail and logistics companies.

    Following KKR's investment, CMC Machinery will continue to be led by the Ponti family and headquartered in Città di Castello, with Founder Giuseppe Ponti's sons, Francesco and Lorenzo Ponti, serving as CEO and COO respectively.

    The on-demand packaging market has seen strong growth over the past few years in response to the surge in the e-commerce sector as more people around the world shift to purchasing items online, a trend accelerated by the impact of COVID-19. With volumes expected to grow even further, the environmental sustainability of the related activities is a critical area of focus. CMC Machinery's innovative 3D technology is market-leading, offering sustainability benefits by producing on-demand custom made boxes that fit the product size, resulting in significant reduction of raw material and void filler used.

    Giuseppe Ponti, Founder, President and Strategic Business Development Director of CMC Machinery, said: "We are very pleased to have KKR on board as an investor with a shared vision to inspire the future of packaging and e-commerce. With KKR's support, we are excited to continue on our journey, expanding our operations which will remain firmly rooted in the Umbria region to address an increasingly global market with sustainable packaging solutions."

    Stanislas de Joussineau, Director at KKR and Head of Global Impact in EMEA, said: "CMC Machinery's market-leading innovation in sustainable packaging aligns well with the objectives of KKR's mission to invest in companies that are providing solutions to critical challenges. We are excited to have the opportunity to work closely with the Ponti family on this important endeavor to drive innovation and promote sustainability across the global retail sector, particularly at this critical time for the industry as retailers increasingly seek to minimize their impact on the environment.”

    Pedro Ramos, Principal at KKR's Global Impact team in EMEA, said: "CMC Machinery is recognized as a leader in the sector, a testament to the passion and commitment of the Ponti family and their team, who have seen their factories in Città di Castello grow to supply customers around the world. We look forward to supporting them in scaling even further using KKR’s global platform and resources."

    The investment in CMC Machinery is the fourth in Europe by the KKR Global Impact Fund, following investments in MasterD, the leading vocational training company in Spain, The Citation Group, a leading provider of subscription-based HR and Employment law and Health & Safety services to SMEs in the UK, and Viridor, the UK’s leading recycling and responsible waste management company.

    KKR Global Impact is focused on identifying and investing behind opportunities where financial performance and societal impact are intrinsically aligned. Specifically, the Fund is focused on generating risk-adjusted returns by investing in companies that contribute measurable progress toward one or more of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (“SDGs”). CMC Machinery's business directly contributes toward SDG #12 (Responsible Consumption and Production) as their innovative packaging solution fits boxes to product size, enabling their e-commerce clients to use less material inputs, reducing waste.

    In Italy, KKR has invested over €2.5bn across private equity, infrastructure and other asset classes, with investments including Selecta, MM and Sirti, employing 17,000 people across its portfolio companies. The firm has a long track record of working with entrepreneurial owners and founder-backed businesses across Europe, supporting these companies with the next stage of their growth ambitions by providing financial and operational expertise as well as access to KKR’s global network and resources.

  • Ardagh Group launches online, interactive 3D glass packaging catalog

    In a time when technological advances have made it possible for companies to continue to share critical information in virtual settings, Ardagh has launched its 3D glass packaging catalog to showcase digital, interactive representations of its award-winning glass packaging designs.

    While online visual representations of products enhance the decision-making process, interacting with the products truly transforms the experience.

    "As a leader in glass packaging, Ardagh's online stock container catalog gives customers the ability to interact with nearly 300 distinctive glass bottle and jar designs in a variety of colors and finishes, and sizes ranging from 4oz to 4L," said Gina Behrman, Vice President of Marketing, Communications & New Product Development for Ardagh's North American Glass business unit.

    Ardagh is using the latest 3D rendering system to engage and interact with customers. The new, interactive experience has a life-like 360° 3D feature allowing users to flip, turn and even look inside each glass container.

    Consumers are more committed than ever to environmental sustainability and prefer products and packaging that complement this lifestyle. Glass bottles are 100% recyclable and can be recycled endlessly without any loss in purity or quality.

    "Ardagh takes great pride in providing sustainable glass packaging for brands across America," said Behrman. "Glass packaging is increasingly being recognized as the clear choice for brands to strengthen their business and their own sustainability platform, while delivering consumers the best in product integrity, safety and environmental excellence." 

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