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  • Packaging Design Services: Corrugated and paper board

    Hello Friends,

    "Great Packaging Design Begins With Right Structural Design",  We at PackagingConnections are just trying to do just that and happy to announce our Packaging Design Services for paper board & corrugated board related designs. Please see video for some more information at https://youtu.be/bJgGnNTfXbw 


    ALPLA switched its PET Recycling Team plants in Wöllersdorf, Austria, and Radomsko, Poland, to a mix of electricity from renewable sources in order to produce carbon-neutral rPET (= recycled polyethylene terephthalate). ‘This step has already had a big impact on the carbon footprint of our food-grade regranulate – according to the calculations, emissions are cut by up to 90 per cent compared with virgin material. The feedback from the market regarding this further development has been very good,’ explains Georg Lässer, Head of Recycling at ALPLA.

    The company is now offering its customers carbon-neutral rPET based on the purchase of certificates. The remaining, unavoidable emissions relating, for example, to delivery of the input material to the plants, are then offset with carbon certificates. ‘The world’s first carbon-neutral regranulate can make a significant contribution to climate protection and highlight the value of used plastics,’ says Lässer.

    Carefully selected projects with a social background

    ALPLA has selected specific projects in cooperation with the climate neutrality alliance Klimaneutralitätsbündnis 2025 and the social enterprise Helioz. A reforestation project in Nicaragua is being supported. In China, traditional coal-fired stoves are being replaced with ovens run on biomass. These not only vastly reduce emissions, but also prevent the health implications caused by harmful exhaust air. In Ethiopia, 5,000 household packages (modern stoves, vegetable seeds, seedlings, training) are being financed. In regions in Asia and Africa, ALPLA is supporting the organisation Helioz, which provides solar devices that monitor water disinfection using PET bottles.

    Recycling for climate protection

    Based on life cycle assessments, packaging types containing a high proportion of recycled material have the least impact on the climate. With the world’s first carbon-neutral rPET, ALPLA is helping its customers to achieve their sustainability goals. ‘We are once again demonstrating that close collaboration between packaging developers, packaging manufacturers and recycling experts can lead to solutions which set an example for the industry as a whole,’ Lässer concludes affirmatively.


    AMI, Bristol, 14th October 2020 – AMI has unveiled the programme for its Thin Wall Packaging conference, taking place 2-3 December 2020 in Cologne, Germany. Running for 15 years, this event has proven to be one of the leading international conferences within the industry, attracting participants from across the rigid packaging supply chain.

    AMI has unveiled the programme for the 15th European edition of the Thin Wall packaging conference, which is taking place on 2-3 December 2020 in Cologne, Germany. The well established and ever popular event has proven to be one of the leading international conferences for the rigid packaging industry, attracting participants from throughout the supply chain.

    In light of the current world situation, the demand for a live event is strong and we have been working hard to establish a robust safety plan to support all attendees.

    AMI will open the conference with a presentation on the global market. This will be followed by the latest trends with merger and acquisitions in the market as well as the impact of the Basel convention (Moorgate Capital and Environmental Investigation Agency). Brand owner Almarai will also give the latest trends in the Middle East packaging market.

    AMI’s in-house expert opens the conference with an overview of the global market. This is followed by presentations on the latest trends, with market mergers and acquisitions and the impact of the Basel convention (Moorgate Capital and Environmental Investigation Agency). Brand-owner Almarai then give an update on the latest trends in the Middle Eastern packaging market.

    Improving sustainability and recycling is an ever-present challenge for TWP suppliers. How to achieve more sustainable packaging and how to support the circular economy are key topics that will be covered with presentations from Nabu, Gr3n and Verstraete IML, Belgium.

    There will be a session specifically focused on PET with presentations from Deca and GR8 Engineering.

    The material innovation session will include presentations from Plastic Science By Design, Braskem, Borealis and Sabic about the latest developments in PP.

    Last but not least, Husky and Illig will complete the technology session discussing new development in sutainable multi-layer technology and cardboard plastic combination for trays and cups.

    AMI’s Thin Wall Packaging 2020 is relevant for all members of the supply chain including brand owners, retailers, packaging companies, food experts, researchers, test houses, materials and manufacturing experts. In addition to delivering quality papers, the conference also offers superb and cost-effective networking opportunities with its extensive networking exhibition area.

    Thin Wall Packaging 2020 is sponsored by Sabic, Borealis, Milliken and Stackteck.

  • Flint Group Launches TerraCode Water-Based Inks, Coatings for Paper & Board

    “Flint Group is acutely aware of increasing societal focus toward sustainable packaging,” said Kim Melander, VP and GM of Flint Group Packaging Inks EMEA. “Therefore, we are pleased to present a full range of bio-renewable inks and coatings, for use in paper and board printing, which are designed to address global environmental concerns. With TerraCode, we are delivering a solution, through ink and coating developments, to unlock certain sustainable package print challenges that paper and board converters and their customers are facing.” “The TerraCode range has been designed to support a wide variety of Paper & Board applications, including corrugated post and pre-print, food wraps, folding carton, cups, paper bags, and aseptic packaging. We have effectively developed a bio-renewable ink range suitable for all paper and board applications,” added Scott Mosley, VP of technology, Paper & Board North America. The TerraCode range delivers on the necessary requirements for premium packaging results, such as high print quality, product consistency, and ease of use. The inks and coatings are bio-renewable content (BRC) certified and sustainably sourced. The range is also available as print-ready or via a convenient building block package. The TerraCode range includes: • TerraCode Bio - designed with the highest level of bio-renewable content where a typical formulation contains greater than 90% of renewable resources. • TerraCode Hybrid - a combination of renewable and conventional raw materials where a typical formulation contains more than 50% renewable resin content. • TerraCode Balance - based on biomass balance technology, a process that maintains the performance of existing synthetic solutions. “Our focus on the environment is not limited to materials alone,” Mosley added. “The TerraCode range has been developed using a combination of natural feedstock options – natural pigments, resins, additives and biomass balance materials - that do not compete with food or facilitate deforestation. For Flint Group, using a sustainable source for these materials is just as important as the renewable content itself.”

  • Siegwerk launches new Circular Economy website for Packaging industry

    Siegwerk is committed to the principle of sustainability: Achieving a sensible balance between ecological, social and economic needs without compromising the resources of future generations. The growing demand for environmentally friendly solutions and sustainable packaging has strongly influenced the packaging market. “It is time to rethink packaging and move from a linear to a Circular Economy model,” said Alina Marm, Head of Circular Economy Hub at Siegwerk. Inks and coatings play an important enabler role in a Circular Economy. In addition to the branding of the packaging, the technical functionalities of inks support all three levers of a Circular Economy in terms of reduction, re-use and recycling. To that end, Siegwerk is purposefully investing in additional resources to become a circular and digital packaging solutions company, driving the positive developments in the industry with its functional and technical understanding of inks and coatings that support innovative packaging solutions. New website for comprehensive overview The new Siegwerk Circular Economy website offers a comprehensive overview of the company’s commitment to drive the development of circular packaging solutions. One particular website chapter provides information on in-depth circular solutions from Siegwerk such as: • Inks, varnishes and barrier coatings for creating packaging designed for the paper recycling stream • Inks, varnishes and barrier coatings for recyclable mono-plastic packaging • Driving deinking solutions with inks and primers and value chain collaborations for de-inking process standards Siegwerk believes that cooperation and sharing knowledge are key on the way to a Circular Economy. That is why website visitors can also learn about Siegwerk’s strong partnership network that helps drive the development of new circular packaging solutions.

  • Mondi receives EcoVadis' new Platinum rating for sustainability

    The platinum rating is a new category rating for CSR performance and this award puts Mondi in the top 1% of companies in its industry, a position it has held since 2015. EcoVadis, the global business sustainability ratings organisation, annually assesses companies’ performance on international sustainability standards1 covering four key areas: environment, labour and human rights, ethics, and sustainable procurement. Mondi’s overall score of 82% for 2020 is up from 78% in last year’s assessment, with 90% in the Environment and Labour & Human Rights categories. Sustainability is core to Mondi’s approach, whether that’s providing sustainable packaging and paper solutions for our customers, looking after our people and communities, or promoting biodiversity in our forests. To be recognised by EcoVadis as an industry leader is testament to our dedication across the value chain and the action we are taking to deliver the UN SDGs as we look towards a more sustainable future. Gladys Naylor, Group Head of Sustainable Development at Mondi Mondi’s adoption of science-based greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction targets highlights its efforts in the transition to a low-carbon economy. The targets commit the Group to reducing specific scope 1 and 2 GHG emissions by 34% by 2025 and 72% by 2050. Having invested approximately €700 million on improving energy efficiency across its mills since 2013, it is already on its way to achieving this. Mondi also sets the standard for responsible forest management in its global operations, managing around 2.1 million hectares of natural forest in Russia and 254,000 hectares of plantation forest in South Africa. All its forests are 100% FSC™ certified, with about 24% set aside for conservation and protection of biodiversity and ecosystem services. Outside of its own operations, Mondi’s customer-centric approach, EcoSolutions, supports customers to develop sustainable packaging and paper solutions helping them to achieve their own sustainability goals and commitments.

  • Absolut Announces Trial Of Prototype Paper Bottles for Spirit Packaging

    The latest iteration of the paper bottle is not entirely plastic-free, however, and is composed of 43% plastic, all of which is recycled and recyclable. This phase is the first planned market test, which will be followed by another trial next year based on feedback from consumers. While still containing plastic, the pace of Paper Bottle Company’s development is promising, as the firm only came into existence just last year.

  • AR Packaging group revamps portfolio into sole branding

    CEO Harald Schulz said the move would enable its customers to gain increased access to its complete product range across its solutions, which are available in a broad range of forms, with a core focus on sustainability. As the business explained, its brands, which will all be under the banner of ÅR Packaging, include Å&R Carton, Flextrus, CC Pack, SP Containers, Maju Jaya and ÅR Packaging Digital. In addition, the company’s recently acquired brands Nampak Carton Nigeria, K+D, rlc Packaging and BSC Drukarnia Opakowan will also be incorporated under the new name. This is in line with AR Packaging’s growth strategy as the company prepares and aims for further growth organically and through acquisitions. The business has a customer base of established international companies including regional and local customers in more than 50 countries globally. The company develops and produces carton-based and flexible packaging for many blue-chip and local companies in for instance the pharmaceutical, beauty, food and confectionery segments. As concerns for the environment grow, a clear shift in consumers’ behaviour is seen and more producers and food chains decide to eliminate disposable plastic products and set clear targets on minimised environmental impact. The global packaging industry is having to respond to this change, and AR Packaging, with its established technological and innovative position, is well placed to play its part as the market continues to evolve. “In addition to the focus on sustainable packaging, the ongoing corona pandemic has shown that packaging matters by providing hygienic protection and securing that food reaches the consumers safely. This altogether creates new business opportunities with AR Packaging having an extensive product range and strong innovation capabilities,” added Schulz.

  • Smurfit Kappa launches sustainable new alternative for banana producers

    BanaBag® is an innovative and sustainable product created by Smurfit Kappa to address the quality assurance needed for excellent bagging during the complete growth cycle of the banana plant. It is a unique solution for organic producers because it protects the fruit from disease and insects, whilst also reducing the overheating that can result from using other materials like plastic.

    The BanaBag® is made from cellulose which acts as a natural insulator to the growing bananas maintaining the quality of the product even in higher temperatures.

    In addition to advantages in the farming process, BanaBag® is the right choice for banana producers that are supplying international markets where consumers are demanding sustainable products with traceable production processes and supply chains. The BanaBag® is 100% paper-based, making it renewable, recyclable and biodegradable and importantly, it can be used as compost for the soil.

    Laurent Sellier, Chief Operating Officer of Smurfit Kappa Europe Paper and Board, commented: “At Smurfit Kappa, we are committed to innovation and the development of paper-based sustainable products that support our customers in the improvement of their processes and products. With a continuing drive to make a positive impact on the agricultural sector with innovative solutions like BanaBag®, we aim to positively contribute to better outcomes for farmers who are moving towards more sustainable methods.”

    Juan Guillermo Castaneda, CEO of Smurfit Kappa The Americas added: “Some of the largest banana exporters in the world are in South and Central America where we operate. Ecuador, Colombia, Costa Rica and the Dominican Republic are on the list of the 10 countries that export more than 80% of the world´s bananas, mainly to European markets. This challenges producers to continuously adapt to the fast paced trends of consumers who want to be reassured that the products they buy and consume are sustainable.”

    These trends have led the organic banana sector to implement environmentally friendly processes in their plantations, without sacrificing quality and efficiency throughout all stages of the fruit´s growth.

    “Our job is to carefully handle the fruit in the production process so that it arrives in the best possible condition at its final destination – whether international or local,” says Louis Hesselholt, Manager of Dominique Banana in Santa Marta, Colombia. “BanaBag® perfectly matches the needs of our plantation by reinforcing the organic characteristics of our export product and contributing to our goal of eliminating 100% of all contaminant plastic waste from our farms.”

    The use of non-sustainable materials in Dominique Banana´s production process was a huge challenge for the company, because of their difficult recycling process and the problems of land pollution. Additionally, because the plastic bunch bag commonly overheated the fruit, this contributed to lost produce. By implementing the Smurfit Kappa BanaBag® in the Campo Alegre and Granja plantations, the fruit´s quality increased, post-harvest recycling processes were optimised and the soil was fertilised since BanaBag® is compostable.

    Smurfit Kappa has a number of sustainable products for the agricultural sector including AgroPaper for eco-friendly mulching in crop growing, the SoFru corrugated pack for berries, and Safe and Green biodegradable trays for fresh fruit.

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