• Ban on PET Packaging for Pharmaceuticals - Are we prepared?

    Ban on PET2 The discussions started during early 2013 when Him Jagriti, an Uttarakhand-based non-governmental organization (NGO) that works in the health sector, approached the ministry of health seeking a ban on the use of PET for pharmaceutical packaging.

  • Art of developing career in Packaging

    Ever since www.packagingconnections.com rolled out and spreading it's knowledge based quality content, we have had several packaging enthusiasts, professionals, career seekers in packaging contributing their interesting articles, comments and views. But there was always a gap between packaging jobs market and mentoring of these packaging enthusiasts. From this realisation, Sandeep Goyal, CEO & Packaging Enthusiast took this key and defining issue in packaging industry as an opportunity to bridge the gap between packaging jobs market. This is how PackagingYoga.com evolved with this unique idea of having Jobs & Mentoring in a single platform.

  • Chaayos: What an experience with teas

    Yesterday afternoon I got a surprise in the office when I was suddenly served warm tea on my desk. You will be thinking so what was so great that I was surprised? Simple reason, it was a traditional tea that we find on roadside corner tea stalls that we all love in hard day's work but we hardly get such ready tea in our sophisticated offices. The reason is simple, if we order from a roadside corner then hygiene is an issue. So this was something that came in the area new and experimented with by our Kanpur boy Rohit.

  • Active Packaging


    The Acticospack project is developed by a consortium of five SME businesses and is funded from the European Union’s Seventh Framework Programme.      Acticospack is an active packaging initiative being developed to help extend the shelf life of cosmetics. It works by using natural antioxidant preservatives in the actual packaging rather than the cosmetic product itself.  Acticospack focuses on the development of active packaging solutions for reducing the levels of preservatives in the cosmetic products whilst ensuring a high level of preservation.  Acticospack is able to produce packaging that has the ability to release natural preservatives at the necessary rates and quantities into the actual cosmetic product.     

  • Self heating packaging for personal care


    Paris-based Cosmogen turned heads at Luxe Pack with its patented Self-Heating Tube, designed for products like facial masks, anti-wrinkle formulations, hair products and body oil. The Cosmogen package incorporates two tubes, one inside the other. The outer tube is filled with the product formulation, and the hermetically sealed inner tube contains a sodium acetate solution. When the consumer breaks the peelable security strip on the package’s closure, the sodium acetate solution starts to crystallize. This generates heat, warming up the product. The tube-within-a-tube package is designed for a single use.       

  • Ochobo (small mouth): How small change in packaging increased sales 213%

    It is amazing to know that a Japanese burger chain faced an interesting sales problem. The Freshness Burger chain has a very large and very popular “Classic Burger”.It’s the most popular burger among male customers but dead last among female customers. So what’s up with that? Ochobo

  • product approval applications rejected by fssai


    Fssai notification described the products that stand rejected for product approval that include mccain&rsquos battered pepper and cheese bites, venky&rsquos chicken arabic style kofta and crispy chicken burger patty,  kellogg&rsquos special kred berries, field fresh egg may on naisesalad dressing variants, natural vinegar and a proprietary hot sauce, and ferrero rocher&rsquos proprietary milky and cocoa spreads with cereals and milk chocolate. these products have been rejected on assessment of risksafety of the proposed products by the product approval & screening committee, andor the scientific panel. the food business operators fbos have been notified about the reason for rejection of their application. also, the chief executive officer of fssai has urged the fbos to adhere to food safety standards and not to push their products in the name of &ldquomake in india&rdquo. most of the fbos, appear to be swearing by prime minister&rsquos &ldquomake in india&rdquo initiative conveniently forgetting that it is also accompanied by the words &ldquozero defect and zero effect.&rdquoaccording to the officials, fssai is making an effort to share the details of the complete journey and status of product approvals. it has also prepared explanatory notes for each of the points included the prescribed format of the application, which is given in annexure3. the stakeholders may feel assured that if they exercise due diligence in filling up the applications with all the relevant details, it will take much less time for the fssai to take a decision on the same. as a regulator, the fssai is committed to support the &lsquoease of doing business&rsquo but without ignoring its mandate of ensuring safe food for the millions of this country.website httpwww.ffsqindia.org 

  • Quality packaging suppliers with service commitment

    Business man with binoculars over urban background Business man with binoculars over urban background

  • aptar brings new benefit to liftargan product


    aptar beauty home&rsquos pz airless spray design has allowed la brume lactée hydratante by liftargan to be sprayed at 360° on the body.due to the spray format, the moisturizing milky mist covers the body with a light moisturizing film and what&rsquos described as an immediate fresh sensation.aptar beauty home said the pz airless dispensing solution offers convenience and versatility and can be used with multiple container types &ndash including coextruded bottles or tubes.the company enlarges its offer with a new flat hood and a new snapon ring to match the market needs.consumers will be able to leverage the pz range of technical solutions with pz2 helios or pz2 for spray and pz3 for lotion, depending on the formulations and potential compatibility issues. 

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