• Lux Soaps


    The need to upgrade and revamp the brand was the inspiration for the launch of the new transparent pack. Following international trends by using glycerin bits in the soap, the transparent film packaging provides great onshelf product differentiation, while allowing the glycerin particles in the soap bars to be visible. This development is a south african &ldquofirst&rdquo in the soap market, and a special positive note is the mouldinhibiting function of the pack compared to its previous paper wrapping. Nampak &bull south africa phone 0027 11 719 6423 &bull fax 0027 11 444 5761email vanessa.vonholdt@za.nampak.com

  • Ban On Plastic Laminates For Packaging In India: MOEF Draft Notification-Plastic( Manufacturer,Usage And Waste Management) Rules,2009

    Ban on plastic laminates in india for packaging: does it make sense or its one another political move?

  • Aashirvaad Atta


     "Chakki fresh" the atta is packed first in a ldpe pouch and 2 such pouches are placed in the innovative gable top carton pack. The carton is manufactured with itcs premium 350 gsm greyback board and then microfluted with 100 gm kraft and 80 gsm maplitho. Designed to give repro work to facilitate good reprod. Of jute, offset printing. Itc ltd &bull india phone 91444343585 &bull fax 91444355509 email vm.rajasekharan@itc.co.in

  • Kwality Walls


    The international harmonized design, recognizable across all markets along with the high speed of automatic packing, also impressed the jury.these cartons were specially designed to allow both end and top loading so that three of the same products or three different products can all be packed at high production speeds. Printed 5 color using metalized inks, fiskeby hard sized gd2 was the carton board selected for this product. Carton producer van genechten packaging end user unilever foods, ice cream & frozen food designer  structural van genechten packaging, vg nicolaus graphic vibrandt fiske by gd2 hard sized

  • Cherry Supplier Chooses Amcor Pushpop


    Fruit supplier utopia uk is using the pushpop pack from amcor flexibles for new season cherries. the packs can be printed on all sides and can be stacked to differentiate the lines on supermarkets shelves.Its pplus modified atmosphere technology reduces food waste.Amcor said the product is "ideal for a wide range of fresh produce" and could replace trays and punnets to reduce the weight of packaging used.

  • Kellogg Films Raise The Bars


    Around 1990, kellogg co. Rice krispies treats squares were transformed from a cerealbox recipe into a sweet retail option for snackers. Until recently, these snacks were packaged using conventional coldseal technology, which involved laminating a reverseprinted oriented polypropylene clear film to a metallized opp web.

    However, since kellogg switched to a lamination of metallized opp and clear polyester films that are packaged using a heatseal process, the company is enjoying notable benefits relating to sustainability and productivity.

    Kellogg also eliminated the potential for offflavor odors caused by coldseal adhesives. In addition, since the creation of a finished package that is less stiff, the company is now able to insert individually wrapped packages into cartons more easily. Kelloggs new films were developed and manufactured by toray plastics america, inc. www.torayfilms.com

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