• Packaging For Football

    Since the sport is popular and played in almost every country and continent on the planet, a huge amount of waste is created in the process of packaging, promoting and marketing the balls used in the sport itself.

    This innovative cardboard packaging is made of cardboard, which makes it very economical to manufacture for brands and also makes it very easy to recycle for users. The simple foldup design of the packaging allows the soccer ball to be held in place firmly, while the cutout handle allows it to be easily carried around as well.

  • Luxury Tea Packaging Design

    It rsquos a luxurious tea package colored in black with diagonal lime green to reveal a bright fresh and contemporary interior reflecting a new attitude and the pure green source. 

  • Tools Packaging

    Evolv, a tool brand has hooked on design firm design guys to come up with an ecoconscious package for their latest series of tools. The firm hopes to adopt packaging that shuns the use of pvc by doing away with the clamshell and blister pack style container. Instead, evolv will use recyclefriendly corrugated cardboard to pack these set of tools. That&rsquos not all. This packaging can be easily produced by every vendor regardless of manufacturing technology capacity, making it a lot more practical and at the same time environmentfriendly and ecofriendly. 

  • golf ball packaging

    Graphics are only need to be applied to one side, and the shape of the package allows several to be made from a single sheet. minimal and efficient packaging for earthfriendly golf balls. design uses far less material than traditional packaging, the unfolded box selected to minimize waste, and all printing can be done on one side.

  • Self Adhesive Labels For Evian Water Bottles

    The worldwide leading water bottler based in the french alps has changed to highly transparent, selfadhesive labels. As an innovative pioneer evian sets a new trend in the water sector, increasing consumer buying incentive and to differentiate evian from the competition. Evian one way and returnable bottles are being labelled with contemporary transparent labels produced by ccl label meerane based in germany. Furthermore the labels are resistant to humidity and even icewater resistant. No more drenched, sticky labels detaching from the bottle, which is the case with wetglue labels. The removing process of the labels is quick and clean all inks and adhesives stay on the label and don&rsquot pollute the water bath. In comparison with wet glue labels the wash bath solution can be used up to twice the length of time before being changed.

  • Kissan Squeezo

    An innovation in ketchup packing, kissan squeezo is a plastic multilayer container that replaces the traditional glass bottle and has many firsts to its credit. Multilayer, because it has multiple layers of plastic including evoh ethyl vinyl alcohol, which prevents entry of oxygen into the container, thereby keeping the food product in a safe consumable condition, for a longer period. It is unbreakable, clean and light in weight. It solves the classic problem of ketchup not flowing out of the bottle without thumping it from behind.

  • Use Of Opp Film In India For Packaging: Globally Opp Is 3 Times Higher Than Pet Film But In India, Its Almost Same

    Other day at the airport, I met an old friend of mine. he is also from the packaging field and we then started talking about OPP film use in India. While we looked at the numbers on rough basis, what we found is quite interesting:  the global capacity of PET film is approx 1800 thosand tonees while OPP is approx 5500 thosand  tonnes annually. When we look at the same comparison in India, PET film capacity is approx 300 thosand tonees and OPP film capacity is 250 thosand tonnes.


  • Jugit Container For Milk Pouch Packaging

    Jugit offers consumers a pouch based format that uses substantially less packaging material than conventional plastic milk containers, allied to the convenience of an easy to pour, reusable jug manufactured by rpc market rasen.

  • Cashew Nuts Packaging Design

     Namely premium quality, 100 natural and cholesterol free. Each of the benefits are graphically created in a way that it looks like it is on a label to make it look like it is branded and uniquely for up market consumers. Furthermore, to create and enhance the up market look and feel, a rich dark red and silver foil is used for the packaging.

  • Lux Soaps

    The need to upgrade and revamp the brand was the inspiration for the launch of the new transparent pack. Following international trends by using glycerin bits in the soap, the transparent film packaging provides great onshelf product differentiation, while allowing the glycerin particles in the soap bars to be visible. This development is a south african &ldquofirst&rdquo in the soap market, and a special positive note is the mouldinhibiting function of the pack compared to its previous paper wrapping. Nampak &bull south africa phone 0027 11 719 6423 &bull fax 0027 11 444 5761email vanessa.vonholdt@za.nampak.com

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