• Easy open can for Tuna Fish

    The mechanism used for opening cans has replaced the pull-back tab mechanism with a sliding key mechanism which the key can also be used after opening as a fork, useful for ‘on the go’ consumption. The key- is made from injection moulded poly propylene because it is food safe, relatively low cost, recyclable and quite strong. The key is positioned onto the lid after the can is sealed and heated. The rivet- in which the key locks into is rivetted onto the lid part before the outer edge of the lid is rolled onto the can. The lid- is made from stamped aluminium, then its outer edge is rolled around the can to seal. The fault line of the lid is made from a thinner wall thickness, which makes it possible for the lid to open. The can- is made from aluminium, punched out from a large roll, then drawn out to form the can. The can is ideal because it is food safe once coated and sterilised, relatively cheap, strong, lightweight and able to be heated to high temperatures. This Can overcome the problem with the current ordinary packaging used for canned tuna which requires a relatively flat tab to be pulled up to puncture the seal, then the user to insert their finger or a tool into the hole of the tab to pull it back and pull the remainder of the lid off the can. The can and lid also once opened, both pose a safety issue as their edges are also quite sharp, creating a cutting hazard. This new design concept win the Australian Packaging award.

  • Ardagh and Harrogate Water Celebrate Award Winning Bottle Design

    harrogate spring water and ardagh group celebrated a memorable win at the uk packaging awards in london earlier this month. the diamond glass bottle design &ndash described by judges as &lsquoinspirational&rsquo was created at ardagh&rsquos design centre in knottingley and produced in ardagh&rsquos factory in doncaster for yorkshire based harrogate water brands. &ldquowe are very proud of this collaborative effort.

  • Ardaghs Aluminum Design Takes Off In Style

    Lufthansa Germanyrsquos Largest Airline And Warsteiner One Of Germanyrsquos Largest And Privately Owned Breweries Have Had A Close Relationship For Many Years Nbsp2015 Marked Lufthansarsquos 60th Anniversary And So Warsteiner Congratulated Them With A Limited Edition Aluminium Beer Bottle Nbspnbspa Key Decision For Warsteiner Was How To Present Its Limited Edition Product For Such An Important Milestone In The History Of One Of Germanyrsquos Most Iconic Brands So They Turned To One Of Its Most Trusted Packaging Suppliers Ardagh Groupnbspin 2014 Ardagh Developed An Exciting Range Of Aluminiu

  • Ardaghs Aluminum Design Takes Off In Style

    Lufthansa, germany&rsquos largest airline, and warsteiner, one of germany&rsquos largest and privately owned breweries, have had a close relationship for many years.  2015 marked lufthansa&rsquos 60th anniversary and so warsteiner congratulated them with a limited edition aluminium beer bottle.

  • The 4in1 Mega Expo For The Whole Packaging Industry China Sinocorrugated South 2016

    Nbspwhy Visitnbspbullfour Exhibitions In One Venue Ndash See The Whole Packaging Industry Chain Broaden Your Horizons And Learn More About The Packaging Amp Printing Industrynbspbullview The Processing Amp Manufacturing Solution Gallery And Learn About The Products A Fantastic Showcase For Companies Looking To Update And Transformbullexperience A Wide Range Of Options Through The Large Array Of Live Demos Of Packaging And Printing Machines To Help You Make Informed Decisionsbullconnect With New Suppliers To Forge Business Partnerships In The Packaging And Printing Industrybulllearn New Prac

  • The 4in1 Mega Expo For The Whole Packaging Industry China Sinocorrugated South 2016

     Why visit &bullfour exhibitions in one venue &ndash see the whole packaging industry chain. Broaden your horizons and learn more about the packaging & printing industry. &bullview the processing & manufacturing solution gallery and learn about the products.

  • Maggi Crispy Chicken Display Packaging

    Nestle Maggi launched a new recipe solution that is used to prepare a crispy chicken that is cooked, not fried.  The display packaging designed for this product has the main idea to communicate to buyers on the stands is “now you can have a crispy chicken that is baked and not fried”. This display is educating the consumer on the new preparation by way Representing the stand as an oven with a clear communication "start stop baking frying". This display is made up of metal powder coated structure branidng in pvc pasted on vinyl adhesive and the oven is made of 3mm Alucobond, silver printed biege, black inside. Maggi Point of purchase packaging has width x depth x height i.e. 2050mm x 1000mmx 1890 mm.

  • Lenticular as brand authentication

    Microflex&trade is a unique ultra thin lens array film developed by forward optics, inc usa and marketed by dp lenticular. this technology was designed exclusively for the brand authentication. this proprietary patent pending film is made up of polypropylene in a thickness range of 6mil 152 micron. it features pitch count of 240 lenses per inch which allows a wide variety of dynamic effects including moiré,depth, hidden images & motion effects. it features a continuous lens array embossed onto one surface and gloss printable surface on the opposite surface. the product is press stable, press friendly and environmentally 100 recyclable. according to the company, this product will be available in 5 mil 125 micron thickness and will be thinnest press stable lens array material on the market. this film can be used for brand authentication, anticounterfeitovert security markets, philatelic, ultra thin decoder, tax stamps, flexible label & product specifications . it is available in roll form with maximum roll width of 1220 mm 48 inches & length of 1300m. the most readily stock size is 280mm & 330 mm. source httpdplenticular.comproductsmicroflexlenticularrolls

  • SqueezeOpen-User-friendly closure system enhances consumer experience

    A unique userfriendly closure system from squeezeopen is a primary packaging solution created to enhance consumer lifestyle. with a modern look and tactile feel, it is designed specifically to satisfy consumer demands for packaging that improves convenience, pack performance and ease of use. squeezeopen has an easy opening and closing action which improves the consumer experience and promotes interaction. it desires only a gentle squeeze to open the pack with an effortless pop to press it closed. it really is that quick and simple making it extremely addictive to use. these effective usability features provide valuable advantages for multiuse products, single handed use, people on the go, and for individuals with dexterity problems, whilst continuing to build brand strength and customer loyalty. squeezeopen is recommended for personal care, food and confectionery, vitamin and supplements, and various homecare packaging.

  • Eric Frantz Elected As New Aerobal President

    Eric Frantz Ccl Vice President Operations Home And Personal Care North America Has Been Elected As President Of The International Organisation Of Aluminium Aerosol Container Manufacturers Aerobal In November 2015 He Follows Giorgio Aliprandi Of Ball Corporationnbspin His Inaugural Address Mr Frantz Said Ldquothe Global Aluminium Aerosol Can Industry Is Confidently Taking Up Challenges Such As The Increasing Competition From Plastic Aerosols Ever Smaller Lot Sizes And More Complex Regulatory Demands In Close Cooperation With Suppliers And Customers Aluminium Aerosol Can Producers Will Contin

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