• Mondi and Silbo create paper-based potato packaging


    Created for Irish farm potato business Meade Farm Group, the packaging has been certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC).

    The packaging is the result of close collaboration between the three companies over a period of two years.

    It uses Mondi’s speciality kraft paper and biodegradable Sustainex coating, water-based ink and corn starch-based netting.

    The bag is designed to maintain strength when handling while providing barrier properties to keep the produce fresh. It has so far been launched in Ireland, Poland, France and Germany.

    Mondi Poland extrusion solutions and speciality kraft paper sales manager Jan Murzyn said: “The bags need to withstand very heavy weights while providing a solution that is kinder to the planet.

    “Our EcoSolutions approach means we work very closely with our customers to reach their sustainability goals and create a bespoke solution that represents the best possible option for the customer, the consumer and the environment.”

    SILBO business development manager Marcin Śpiewok said: “The hybrid solution combines the excellent strength of speciality kraft paper and the tailor-made barrier and heat-sealing properties of compostable materials.

    “Mondi’s speciality kraft paper in combination with our net, water-based print and unique technology was a long-sought solution in the food industry and allowed us to substitute the conventional combination of plastic and mesh.

    “We created the worldwide first compostable form-fill-and-seal potato bag with net window to deliver strong, durable, breathable, eco-friendly packaging for Meade.”

    The solution will enable Meade to replace hard-to-recycle plastic with paper in line with its sustainability targets.

    The company aims to make its product packaging reusable, recyclable, renewable or compostable wherever possible.

    Meade sustainability manager Jeni Meade said: “This new potato bag is an excellent example and was integral in our winning the Best Sustainable Packaging Strategy at the Green Food and Beverage Awards.

    “By changing from the previous plastic pillow pack to this bag, we completely eliminated hard-to-recycle plastic.

    “In addition, when compared to a traditional block bottom paper bag of similar size, our compostable paper pillow pack reduces the paper usage by 34%.

    “As a food producer, our company focuses on supplying the best-tasting potatoes to our customers, and as a packaging user, we are committed to reducing the climate impact of our packaging for the wellbeing of the planet.”

    In January, Mondi developed sustainable packaging for Norwegian branded consumer goods company Orkla.

    The packaging solutions were for the Swedish launch of Orkla’s Frankful Tex Mex range of plant-based tortilla wraps, tortilla crisps and taco spices.

  • Sabic renewable polymers for new Nivea packaging


    Sabic’s bio-based polypropylene (PP) resin, part of its TRUCIRCLE portfolio, will be used for producing the jars of Beiersdorf’s Nivea Naturally Good day and night face creams. The new Nivea packaging will be phased in at point-of-sale outlets worldwide from June 2021 onwards and make a major contribution to help Beiersdorf reduce its use of fossil-based virgin PP.

    The new product is playing into Beiersdorf’s ambitious Sustainable Packaging Targets 2025 to reduce fossil-based, virgin plastic for its cosmetic packaging products by 50 percent. The new sustainable Nivea jars pay into the Sustainability Agenda CARE BEYOND SKIN, by which the company is targeting a significant reduction of its carbon emissions and environmental footprint.

    The agenda has set three major packaging goals to be achieved by 2025 as compared to 2019: make all of the group’s packaging 100 percent refillable, reusable or recyclable; increase the share of recycled materials in plastic packaging to 30 percent; and reduce the use of fossil-based virgin plastics by 50 percent.

    “We are excited to implement this important change in the packaging of our Nivea brand products and to be the first in the skincare mass market to use polypropylene made from second-generation bio-based feedstock on a global basis,” said Michael Becker, Head of Global Packaging Development at Beiersdorf.

    “Together with Sabic, we have taken a major step forward in transforming conventional fossil-based packaging in the cosmetics and skin care segment towards fully sustainable material alternatives.”

    Abdullah Al-Otaibi, General Manager of Engineering Thermoplastics & Market Solutions for Petrochemicals at Sabic said: “Innovative cosmetics packaging using our certified renewable polyolefins can be instrumental in minimizing fossil depletion across a wide range of further consumer mass product markets, and Beiersdorf’s new Nivea packaging can serve as a role model in this quest.” He continued: “Our materials from renewable sources facilitate the change-over from existing fossil-based applications without compromises on purity, quality, safety or convenience. Sabic is determined to help its collaboration partners benefit from this potential.”

    Converting the packaging to renewable plastic not only has the advantage of conserving fossil resources, but also reduces CO2 emissions. According to Beiersdorf, approximately 76 g of CO2 are saved per jar produced, a reduction of around 60% compared to the fossil-based jar. The project therefore also contributes to Beiersdorf’s climate target of reducing its greenhouse gas emissions by 30% absolutely across the entire value chain by 2025.

    Derived from second-generation renewable feedstock, such as tall oil waste from the wood pulping process in the paper industry, Sabic’s certified renewable polymers (PE and PP) are not in direct competition with human food production sources. – TradeArabia News Service


    Tokyo, Japan & Brussels, Belgium, April 21, 2021 – Asahi Photoproducts and Esko have showcased their breakthrough, fully automated flexo platemaking line CrystalCleanConnect at this year’s virtual.drupa event.

  • Smurfit Kappa Brazil’s innovative packaging solution wins prestigious Red Dot Design Award


    Developed by Smurfit Kappa with 100% recyclable materials, the main advantage of the packaging design is its flexibility and the ability to accommodate different shapes and sizes of wine bottles safely, without having to use any filling materials. This design has a variety of 220 options to optimise space within the cardboard box and to accommodate different formats allowing for the wine bottle and food to fit perfectly. 

    Commenting on the award, Juan Guillermo Castañeda, CEO of Smurfit Kappa The Americas said: “We are extremely pleased to receive the Product Design 2021 Red Dot Award. It demonstrates that our innovative and sustainable packaging designs are making a difference. Partnerships with businesses like Wine & Bite Box are extremely important to us. We embrace the challenge to improve and develop our packaging designs to meet the changing needs of our customers and to build on our expertise.”

    With the growth in e-commerce during 2020, accelerated due to the pandemic, Wine & Bite Box saw an increase of 21% in sales and, currently, its products are being delivered across Brazil.

    “The new packaging solution developed by Smurfit Kappa will ensure that my products arrive safely and securely to my customers, wherever in Brazil they may be, guaranteeing a positive experience from start to finish,” said Myriam Echeverri, sommelier and founder of Wine & Bite Box.

    “Each of my gourmet tasting boxes are unique, and that uniqueness starts with the packaging. It is a great honour to receive this award together with Smurfit Kappa, as we are not only working on something that is innovative and sustainable, but also provides the best unboxing experience for customers.”

    Smurfit Kappa is known for Better Planet Packaging, a portfolio of innovative packaging solutions which are designed to be more sustainable and tailored to customer needs.

  • WWP Beauty Launches New Sustainable Packaging Collections to Commemorate Earth Day

    Los Angeles, CA – 2021 is all about the color green. Across every industry, from fashion to beauty, sustainability has become a driving force and green is the color that represents a reconnection with nature, restoration of balance, and a healthy recovery in a post-COVID era.

    For this year’s Earth Day, WWP Beauty is making its green commitment to make up with the Earth and create positive and purposeful impact through consistent, sustainable innovation and a renewed sustainable stock library that gives customers more solutions towards meeting their own sustainability goals. 

  • Beyond COVID: the ‘next normal’ in packaging

    Market trends. New products, design and technology. These topics will be explored on 27 April 2021 in a live web event organized by SACMI in collaboration with Aptar and McKinsey

    Sustainability, safety, e-commerce. Three vital pillars of the post-COVID “next normal” in packaging that SACMI will explore together with packaging multinational Aptar.

  • Let us do the hard work, so you don’t have to (case study)


    We are proud that our adhesive portfolio generally covers all requirements from customers, so once we have identified the specifics surrounding their application, the next step is finding the ideal adhesive solution.

    For some of our biggest sectors (such as packaging), we have several best sellers that quickly and efficiently satisfy most of our customers’ needs again and again. However, for some less generic applications, finding the right adhesive does require some further in-depth analysis to ensure optimum results. 

    Take one of our most recent packaging customers. The global company required an adhesive to seal vegetable boxes at two of their packaging plants in Columbia. One of Beardow Adams’ best-selling agricultural box adhesives is BAM 2500 however, due to the company’s very specific parameters for this application, after detailed analysis we came to the conclusion that BAMFutura™ 44 would be the best product for them.

    This hot melt ticked the customer’s requirements for a high quality, FDA-approved, BRCGS-certified adhesive within a particular price range. We were also able to fulfil our customer’s desire to work with a global adhesive manufacturer who could offer outstanding technical support.

    Beardow Adams’ high performance BAMFutura range is known for its clean running, low odour, and high adhesion properties, allowing its users to see cost savings in real time. Within this range, BAMFutura 44 – a metallocene-based adhesive – was developed as a versatile packaging grade with high heat resistance and a fast-setting speed.

    To ensure our customers were 100% satisfied with the end product, our Columbian arm ‘Beardow Adams SAS’ delivered detailed line trials with BAMFutura 44 as well as documentary approvals. We also made sure the transition from their former adhesive was smooth by the likes of fully purging out their glue tanks. After all this was complete, we were delighted to receive the packaging customer’s first official order.

    The above scenario is just one example of the lengths Beardow Adams’ sales and customer support teams will go to so that its customers are happy and content with their purchase today and all the days after.

    If you are looking to work with an adhesive manufacture or would like to make a trouble-free transition to one of our proven adhesive solutions, do not hesitate to get in touch today at: marketing@beardowadams.com.

  • DUO is the first aerosol dispenser that produces two different spray rates from a single device


    DUO is the first aerosol dispenser that produces two different spray rates from a single device. This revolutionary dispenser allows a precise delivery for any purpose. Whether spraying large or small surfaces, on the body or in the face, with an easy 180° flip you can choose the mode that suits your dosing needs best. DUO is suited for dispensing an endless variety of products and formulations. Any company that wishes to try its formulation in DUO is invited to contact Pronova for testing.

    Furthermore, the AeroFocus™ DUO does not come alone, but has a ‘little brother’ called MONO: a single-spray device with the sole purpose to spray precise and minute amounts of product, ideal for applying a product with high precision, directly into the face or on small surfaces, while preventing leaking, dripping, and wastage.

    Check out the product presentation and video on www.aero-focus.com and get in touch with Pronova if you want to extend your aerosol product range and claim your exclusivity!

    Visit www.pronovalaboratories.com for more information about the company and its portfolio, or contact aerofocus@pronovalab.com.

  • Digital solutions explained in video format


    More efficiency, transparency and security: Harro Höfliger's digital solutions "Production Order Manager" and "Maintenance Manager" help. Two new videos use examples to show how this works in practice. 

    The Production Order Manager   enables reproducible production orders to be created - including stored product parameters. Every once created production order can be called up again at any time. This not only saves time, but also creates security; especially when manufacturing many product variants on one system.  

    With the Maintenance Manager  , maintenance tasks can be controlled centrally and made available digitally for maintenance managers . The maintenance plans can be called up using a tablet or smart glasses. The staff can carry out and document all tasks step by step - an ideal basis for continuous optimization and high machine availability. 

  • Aptar Beauty + Home Launches Star Drop, the Next Generation Dropper Solution for Ultra-Fluid Formulas


    Design inspired by trends and consumer studies

    According to this year’s Pinterest Business report, “skinimalism” is a major beauty trend. It revolves around using less products in our daily routine (for skincare and makeup) and emphasizes simplicity to embrace slow and natural beauty. “Natural everyday makeup” jumped by 180% as the most searched terms on the platform as well as “natural glowing skin” increasing fourfold in the search words. For “skinimalism” one needs a precision dropper – that’s where Aptar Beauty + Home innovates with this new solution. Product flow is critical and often it is hard to control properly, and the pipette let’s the formula run and smudge during or after use. This is why Aptar Beauty + Home has developed a clean and practical solution to improve the overall user experience for consumers.

    Two patents for a new generation dropper

    Star Drop’s bottle is easy to squeeze, even with just one hand, and dispenses just the right amount of product. Thanks to a patented technology, its SimpliSqueeze® valve automatically cuts off the product flow as soon as one releases pressure on the barrel, with an instant retraction effect sucking the formula back inside the pack. This intuitive technology ensures clean and controlled dispensing every time, with no leakage. Its ultra-precise pipette applicator,also patented, is transparent allowing one to see the product rise inside the tip to control and deliver the right amount of formula, drop by drop.

    “Star Drop provides a satisfying, almost magical feeling of control asexact dosages are dispensed. The gesture is super simple for consumers but the level of precision is unparalleled shares Patrick Bousquel, EMEA Skincare and Color Cosmetics Marketing Director,Aptar Beauty + Home.”

    The SimpliSqueeze® technology combined with the high-precision pipette guarantees a flawless drop-by-drop dispensing with a clean finish. The ergonomics allow a high restitution rate of the formula and the packaging is recyclable. Its travel-friendly format reconciles design with effortless functionality for any fluid and ultra-fluid textures, whether makeup or skincare: foundation, primers, highlighters, serums, facial oils, beard oils and other. Thanks to its design and technology, it is the perfect match for high-value treatments or targeted serums.

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