• Mondi Steinfeld certified as CO2 neutral for its manufacturing operations

    Mondi’s consumer flexible plant in Steinfeld, Germany has been certified as CO2 neutral by ClimatePartner
    The certification applies to the manufacturing process at Steinfeld after switching to hydropower and other renewable energies

  • Single-Serve Capsules Virtual Summit brings industry professionals together in 2021

    After 4 years of bringing together the single-serve capsules industry at their unique live events, AMI launched the Single-Serve Capsules virtual summit. The online event, taking place from 9-11 March, provides a platform for professionals from the whole supply chain to connect and review the technical innovations in capsule production, different capsule end-of-life scenarios and the latest in capsules material science.

  • Sidel extends its WB wrap-around packing platform to handle RSC case

    Sidel has launched a new Cermex WB47 case packer, expanding its WB wrap-around range to handle not only the wrap-around blank family, but also American cases (RSC and HSC). Additionally, the upgraded WB platform ensures enhanced flexibility with shorter changeover times. In 45 years, Sidel has installed more than 8,000 packers, including 1,000 wrap-around machines. More than 130 units of the best-seller Cermex WB46 and the new Cermex WB47 have already been manufactured in four years.

  • Cremer Introduces Line of Compact Counting & Packaging Equipment for Unmixed, Single Type or Single Flavor Products

    New fully servo-driven HQ Series counting & dispensing machines provide 100% accuracy for primary or secondary packaging of candy, confectionary, and chocolate as well as non-food products

  • TurboFil Introduces Lineup of Semi- and Fully-Automatic Vial Crimping Machines

    CrimpTech Series includes versions suitable for full range of manufacturing applications, from R&D through large-scale production.

  • Aptar’s Activ-Film™ Technology Selected to Protect New SARS Rapid Antigen Test for COVID-19 Diagnosis

    Crystal Lake, Illinois, February 16, 2021 - AptarGroup, Inc. (NYSE: ATR), a global leader in drug delivery, consumer product dispensing and active packaging solutions, announced that its Activ-Film™ technology was selected to protect a new SARS Rapid Antigen test for COVID-19 that recently received Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). 

  • Aptar’s Activ-Film™ Technology Selected to Protect New SARS Rapid Antigen Test for COVID-19 Diagnosis


    The QuickVue® SARS Antigen test is a point-of-care rapid antigen test developed by Quidel® Corporation, a leading manufacturer of diagnostic healthcare solutions, that delivers test results in 10 minutes. The visually read test requires no supplemental instrumentation and offers expanded access to affordable and accurate COVID-19 testing that will help meet the urgent testing needs of the global economy, including for those in school systems and rural areas.

    Aptar CSP Technologies’ Activ-Film™ technology is integrated into the diagnostic kit to protect against moisture and other environmental conditions that could otherwise impact test accuracy. Activ-Film™ leverages Aptar’s proprietary 3-Phase Activ-Polymer™ technology, which provides a broad spectrum of custom-engineered protection in a variety of configurations, such as Activ-Vial™ for housing diagnostics dipsticks and Activ-Tab integrated within diagnostic cassettes. This material science-based active packaging technology is currently used to protect a range of electrochemical, lateral flow and molecular diagnostic test kits on the market today.
    “We are pleased to partner with Quidel® Corporation on this critical diagnostic tool and help bring the QuickVue® SARS Rapid Antigen test to the market,” said Stephan B. Tanda, Aptar President and CEO. “Our material science Activ-Film™ technology protects the test strips, helping to provide quick, reliable results. We will continue to live up to our purpose and responsibility to society by providing solutions that protect critical COVID-19 diagnostic kits, along with dispensing solutions for medicines and consumer products needed by millions of people each day.”

    Badre Hammond, Vice President Commercial Operations, Aptar CSP Technologies concluded, “As we continue to navigate through the COVID-19 crisis, this game-changing solution will help meet the urgent demand for COVID-19 testing in communities around the world. We are committed to leveraging our material science expertise to enable our partners to meet the ongoing need for innovative healthcare solutions that help improve and save lives.”

  • Grooved can - Ideal Packaging Solutions

    LINHARDT packages all things that improve health, beautify, are easily spoilt or are expensive. 
    Packages often are your brand’s first touchpoint with a potential customer.
    Their grooved aerosol cans are an ideal packaging solution, if you want to make that contact as memorable as possible. Instead of the usual smooth metal surface that is well known from conventional aerosol cans, its surface is refined by several longitudinal grooves.

  • Specialized market star industry prize awarded for the 4th time

    This week, the industry prizes for exemplary specialist markets and specialist market centers in the categories of new construction, refurbishment, mixed use and the special prize of the jury were awarded. The organizers are the dfv Conference Group, a subsidiary of the dfv media group, and Heuer Dialog. The winners were first honored in the digital award ceremony on Monday, after which the organizers personally presented the trophies and certificates.

  • Angela Wisken is leaving the dfv media group

    Angela Wisken (64) is leaving the supervisory board of the dfv media group in Frankfurt am Main at the end of March 2021. As of April of that year, she will also resign from the posts as editor of the title groups Lebensmittel Zeitung, TextilWirtschaft and HORIZONT, ​​her membership in the Golden Sugar Loaf jury, the foundation of the same name and the HORIZONT Award Men and Women of the Year jury and the TextilWirtschaft forum.

    The supervisory board of Deutscher Fachverlag GmbH still includes the main shareholder Andreas Lorch, co-shareholder Catrin Lorch and Peter Ruß.

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