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Chanakya’s analogy: If there is only one wheel in a bullock cart, the cart keeps going in circles. There is movement, but no progress. There is action, but no direction. One wheel alone does not turn.
So we alone cannot do everything and you are our other wheel to run this cart called We need your involvement and contribution to make this packaging knowledge platform to be more & more resourceful and useful to packaging community.
We will also be at the Interpack 2014 and would be pleased to meet you. We are in Hall 7, Level 2, Booth  E 18
Given below are some links where you can actively contribute and also gain some insights. We are looking forward to your involvement,
1.    Visit regularly
2.    Industry professionals are sharing their love for packaging at our linked group
3.    Bring your packaging ideas and innovative opportunities to live that might help improve packaging values
4.    Submit your innovations in just two simple steps
5.    Meet us at Interpack 2014
6.    Share your packaging news with the world
7.    Meet SAVY – always happy to help for all your packaging requirements
10. Follow us on Twitter
Please remember that One wheel alone does not turn and you are our other wheel. Let us support each other to spread packaging knowledge.
Enjoy Wonders Of packaging!
Sandeep Kumar Goyal
Founder & CEO