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Webinar: Introduction to Packaging Connections

Founded In 2005 Packaging Connections started with an online platform as Your Destination for Anything in Packaging. The company progressed with innovative models of bringing new technologies to world through support to foreign Packaging companies. Packaging Connections is a company by packaging professionals who have worked on successful projects with multinationals for live Packaging projects. This is first Packaging consulting company to have ISO 9001 2008 certification. Packaging Connections is Indian partner for top German Pharma Companies and have a wide network of packaging professionals across the globe witnessing fast brand recognition and network growth company has come up with various verticals in packaging. Now Packaging connections started a series of webinars on Packaging Technical hot Topics and A successful webinar was at 22th July 2020 on Introduction to Packaging Connections. If someone wants to the details of that webinar so please visit at
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