Sinofoldingcarton 2011 To Showcase New Cigarette Packaging Processing Solutions

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As the largest exhibition for the folding carton industry for 2011, sinofoldingcarton 2011 has long been anticipated by trade professionals.. The event will take place from july 6 to july 8 at the china international exhibition center in beijing. As preparations for this year&rsquos show reach their climax, sinofoldingcarton 2011 continues to differentiate itself from other industry events and attract a wide amount of interest. The organizers of sinofoldingcarton, reed exhibitions, have focused, this year, on blending the showcasing of highend folding carton processing equipment with technical exchange seminars and trade opportunities, under one roof. This threepronged approach has drawn a wide range of renowned suppliers from the cigarette packaging industry, including the likes of shanghai yawa printing machinery, horauf shanghai, shanghai yoco printing machinery, masterwork machinery and sts machinery.  These companies will showcase their latest technologies, processing equipment concepts for cigarette packaging and printing. At sinofoldingcarton 2011, companies, suppliers and industry experts will join together to discuss new trends in local and international cigarette packaging and printing.  They will also assess the power of gravure printing in china. China is the biggest cigarette market in the world. As cigarette factories continue to debut new products to increase their market share, the market for packaging cigarettes in china has undergone something of an unprecedented boom. Indeed, some local cigarette products are packaged to a far higher standard than their international counterparts.  Cigarette packaging and printing processing has played a leading role in folding carton packaging and printing. Many new materials, new processing and technologies were first trialed on cigarette packaging products and because of their success, we popular adopted for the packaging of folding carton products.   With constant improvements in cigarette packaging and printing technologies, as well as in processing methods, cigarette factories demand a higher standard of printing quality on the cigarette box labels. Since february 26, 2008 when the new limits were imposed on the number of volatile agents in packaging paper and cigarette cartons came into effect. This introduced a subtle change into the packaging of cigarettes as water ink and water borne materials will gradually become integral to green printing as cigarette packaging develops. The question of how to deal with stricter environmental regulations and compete in an increasingly fierce cigarette packing industry is one that will be answered at sinofoldingcarton 2011.  By giving visitors a sharp insight into  the latest processing solutions, technologies and equipment, as well as by providing information on raw and auxiliary materials that are sustainable and, most importantly, compliant with international standards. Sinofoldingcarton 2011 will bring you right uptodate with the latest local and international trends in cigarette packaging and printing.  Onsite you will be able to find solutions that are suitable for your company and which can become integral to accelerating the development of your business. 

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