Schreiner Prosecure And Project Partners Develop Protection System For Fully Automatic Recognition Of Original Parts

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Schreiner group gmbh & co. Kg

 After three years of research schreiner prosecure in collaboration with three institutes of the technical university munich and five other industrial companies has realized a demonstration system for protection against product piracy. The protection system developed by the project partners enables fully automated authentication of original components. This reliably prevents fake components from being taken into operation and excludes harmful consequences for machines and equipment as well as for manufacturers and users.more than 75 percent of the german machine manufacturers are affected by product piracy, according to a study by the vdma verband deutscher maschinen und anlagenbauer german engineering federation. Actions taken against counterfeiters have primarily been of a legal nature so far while technical solutions have not been sufficiently available. Therefore, it was the aim of the proauthent research project to develop a protection system for marking and authenticating critical assembly components.under the system machinery components exposed to the risk of counterfeiting are first marked as originals by means of various marking technologies. Rfid tags, security labels with copy detection patterns and holographic security features are examples of suitable technologies. Using appropriate readers and testing equipment, the components are then fully automatically authenticated. All test results are stored in a database system. Machine files can also be created for longterm product protection tracking.the modular design of the system makes it possible to perform checks at any desired point along the logistics chain. This means that manufacturers, distributors and end users can track the product across its entire lifecycle. In addition to assuring the proper use of tools, the system also serves to monitor the condition of the components and simplifies ontime ordering and delivery of spare parts. Furthermore, manufacturers can offer loyal and qualityconscious customers tailored maintenance agreements and extended warranty assurances.

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Andrea Richter
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