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SACMI explores the future of metal packaging

SACMI Metal Day 2019, a 2-day event, held at SACMI Imola to explore metal cap/packaging technology, trends and prospects together with an audience of international experts and stakeholders - not to mention over 160 selected customers from 29 countries worldwide - has now ended. It offered a unique opportunity to bring everyone up to speed on market trends affecting a global industry now worth €800 billion, an industry that packages 300,000 products every second.



“The future of packaging and environmental sustainability are indissolubly intertwined”, explained the speakers. Indeed, it's a topic that will be crucial in both the medium term – with a potential window of opportunity for the metal industry as public awareness and standards focus on plastics – and the long term, also in light of new consumption patterns (smaller sizes and portions) and global social-economic changes (ageing population).



An enthusiastic, engaged international audience pressed the speakers with insightful questions, demonstrating keen interest in the enormous challenges and opportunities posed by new materials and processes that reduce environmental impact. The afternoon began in earnest with a presentation of SACMI technology for the industry, with customers being given an in-depth guided tour of the plant.



Detailed Press Release is in the attached document