Optimism In Folding Carton Market Boosts Chinas Printing Industry

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Due to the globalization of today&rsquos economy, every business is part of the economic chain. That being so, providers and consumers are equally responsible for protecting resources and the environment.recently, lowcarbon concepts have gained greatly in popularity all over the world. Power consumption,  pollution and emissions all need to be reduced using lowcarbon, green economic development models. As this need becomes an increasingly amplified part of the mainstream dialog, and achieving sustainable economic development becomes a more pressing ambition how to promote energy efficiency reduce emissions and cutconsumption becomes a more pressing issue to resolve. From july 6 to july 8, sinofoldingcarton 2011 will bring together equipment manufacturers, consumables suppliers and folding carton producers with professionals from across the folding carton trade for three days of nonstop business. Following the financial crisis, china has recovered to show strong economic development. Preliminary estimates by the national bureau of statistics show that china&rsquos gdp will reachrmb 17.28 trillion usd 2.59 trillion in the first half of 2011. Foreign trade, too, has bounced back strongly.  China&rsquos total exports in the first half of this year have so far totaled usd 705.1 billion.   These changes have been accompanied by the northward migration of the national economic center, including the folding carton packaging industry chain. Taking place in beijing, sinofoldingcarton 2011 will provide access to china&rsquos northern market around the bohai rim region, in line with prevailing market demand. The folding carton industry in that area has great potential for further development, with over 1,000 packaging printing factories in beijing and tianjin alone. This is the new hub of economic development inchina, following in the footsteps of the pearl and yangtze river delta regions. Furthermore, with its proximity to japan, south korea, and parts of russia, the area is the ideal axis forchina&rsquos northeast asia regional partnerships. To meet the growing demand stimulated by market growth, manufacturers have to increase the efficiency and range of their production. Sinofoldingcarton 2011 will bring together over 300 wellknown local and international manufacturers and suppliers to present their latest technologies and processes.  All the solutions on show have been specifically designed to satisfy the requirements of packaging and printing companies. Exhibits include folding carton processing equipment, hard boxes, plastic glue boxes and paper bags. Bobst, masterwork, shanghai yawa, hongjing, tokyo wenhong, yaoke, yuanheng will use sinofoldingcarton 2011 as a platform via which to debut new products. &ldquoafter participating in the last exhibition, many suppliers expressed their delight with the event and pledged to come back again this year&rdquo, said alex wang, who leads the sinofoldingcarton project team for reed exhibitions.  &ldquoright now the exhibitor invitation process is on the home strait.  We&rsquove received a high number of reservations for booths already and space is selling out at a rate beyond even our own optimistic expectations.&rdquo helping buyers realize ambitions for a green industry chaincurrently, lowcarbon concepts are popular all over the world. Adopting green printing processes is the only way to become, or remain, a major force in the global printing industry.china, with strong ambitions to do just that, is adopting green printing practices with great enthusiasm. With this in mind, carton manufacturers are keen to source energysaving, environment friendly equipment. Sinofoldingcarton 2011 will be dedicated to highlighting green solutions for manufacturers and buyers.  The organizers, reed exhibitions, will welcome dozens of high profile exhibitors. Many of them are energy saving, waste reduction, low carbon companies who want to unveil their latest energy saving innovations onsite.  Together, the participation of top suppliers and the display of the latest manufacturing innovation will ensure that sinofoldingcarton 2011 is a comprehensive and effective trade and sourcing platform. A selection of the broad range of exhibits visitors can expect to see onsite l         qinhua, aikyu and meinong will display screen printing equipmentl         finishing process equipment suppliers who produce diecutting machines, folder gluers, hot stamping machines, laminating machines and paper mounting machines, like bobst, xuheng, masterwork, sts, yaoke, yawa, tokyo wenhong, hongjing, chengyuan, dragon, wutai, shengtian and yongshun, will also be there.l         henkel, nikawa, huakang, delong, rocky, comoadhesives will display hot melt glue and jelly, the most suitable material for the folding carton industry in the lowcarbon era. Companies like juli, xinao, haosheng, sheng yuan, jialida, huawei, yueming, yonghua, dai&rsquos, hongming, michael hörauf and lishunyuan are also among the exhibitors to sinofoldingcarton 2011. They will provide efficient and practical choices for manufacturers looking to upgrade equipment.  

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