Nemera announces a better drug deposition with RetroNose to enhance therapeutic efficacy of nasal treatments

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After announcing a partnership with the Research Center for Respiratory Diseases (CEPR) of Inserm/University of Tours in April 2017, Nemera is happy to publish enhanced drug deposition results compared to classic nasal sprays with RetroNose.

What are the proof of concept results? 
First outcomes of this partnership were presented at RDD 2018, to demonstrate the advantages of this technology resulting in an improved particle deposition in an upper airways model for local, vaccine and systemic drugs delivery1. Then, during DDL 2018, we showed that Retronose allows a more homogeneous and reproducible deposition in the different target  regions of the nasal cavity compared to classic nasal spray in three different nasal cast models. This should have a positive impact on clinical outcomes for chronic rhinosinusitis patients.

Furthermore, a recent clinical study has presented data from five cases of asthmatic patients with rhinosinusitis treated with an aerosol therapy exhaled through the nose4 using a similar concept. This study proves that administering corticosteroid in the nasal cavity through the mouth is clinically efficient.

This collaboration combines the specific know-how of CEPR and Nemera: CEPR’s know-how in respiratory pre-clinical and clinical research, as well as Nemera’s experience in development of drug delivery devices. 

Nemera will present this concept at RDD conference, which will take place next week in Lisbon.

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Manuela BASSO
Responsable Communication
+33 474950530
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