Michelman Highlights Primers for use in HP Indigo Digitally Printed Compostable Packaging at Dscoop Edge PortAventura

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CINCINNATI, OH (June 19, 2019) – Michelman showcased its innovative line of sustainable primer and overprint varnishes (OPVs) for use with HP Indigo presses at Dscoop Edge, held on June 19-21, 2019 in PortAventura, Spain.


Featured at the event will be Michelman’s industry-leading, water-based DigiPrime® primers and DigiGuard® OPVs, including repulpable DigiPrime® grades that have been favored by paper mills for more than a decade. Michelman continues to take great care in developing environmentally conscious solutions that offer digital versatility for a broad array of end-use applications. More importantly, many Michelman primers have recently passed ecotoxicity, heavy metals, and fluorine content testing according to ASTM and the European Committee of Standardization for use in compostable packaging.


Also, for HP Indigo digital press owners expanding into markets like home and personal care which require exceptional performance, Michelman will feature DigiGuard® 901 for Pack Ready for Labels, a strengthener for HP Indigo validated UV OPVs used with Michelman’s in-line primers, which enables enhanced water, chemical, and thermal durability. Mixed with off-the-shelf UV overprint varnishes, it allows label converters to achieve higher levels of durability.


“Joining us in our booth this year, will be two strategic and valued distribution partners,” said Lisa DiGate, Michelman’s Vice President of Printing & Packaging. “S-One Labels & Packaging is a Dscoop Gold Partner and HP Indigo preferred partner. They offer a wide range of products for the digital printing of customized labels and flexible packaging, including overprint varnishes, coatings, and additives. Brigal is a global print provider with a presence throughout the Iberian market. They offer the highest quality products, equipment, and printing technologies in the market.”


DiGate added, “We are committed to helping HP Indigo press owners grow their business. Our line of HP Indigo  optimized water-based primers and OPVs optimize paper and film media that allow for high-quality labels, packaging, and commercially printed materials.”   

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Ms. Doreen Stanley
Content Marketing Manager
+1 513 794 4285
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