Markemimaje Introduces More Value In Thermal Transfer Overprinting The New Smartdate X40

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Markemimaje india pvt ltd.

Markemimaje introduces more value in thermal transfer overprinting the new smartdate® x40. Markemimaje is transferring more value to customers with the smartdate x40 thermal transfer coder, through tangible, measurable commitments to the environment and total cost of ownership. The smartdate x40 thermal transfer coder is designed to print large amounts of complex information at high speed on flexible packaging films, with minimal loss of data, and maximized ribbon usage. The smartdate x40 stands out thanks to innovative features that focus on long term cost control. These goals are supported by a series of tangible benefits from markemimaje.explains andy gray, markemimaje product marketing manager in charge of the thermal transfer overprinting line, &ldquothe recent worldwide economic downturn makes increasing value to customers a top priority. Meanwhile, environmentally conscious business practices are being embraced more than ever. These elements have been factored into new markemimaje products like the smartdate x40 from the initial design stages.&rdquothe smartdate x40 allows for optimal and transparent management of overall printing activities, resulting in enhanced cost control, reduced environmental impact, improved printing results and increased performance on the line. It&rsquos all the result of a newly designed, more efficient ribbon that minimizes waste, a new intelligent printhead that optimizes print quality, and a series of unique service commitments.serge kral, president of the markemimaje product group, explains, &ldquonever before has a manufacturer in this industry made a commitment to support its equipment with tangible benefits that our customers can measure. We have eliminated preventative maintenance visits thanks to our direct ribbon drive and improved cassette design with no wear parts. We&rsquove extended our manufacturer warranty to a bestintheindustry 18 months, and we have extended ribbon length to 1,100 meters to reduce changeovers and increase uptime, for an availability rate of up to 99.6 without assistance. We have also pledged no &lsquodead dot&rsquo for the first 40 kilometers of ribbon or one year. Together, all of these ecoinitiatives  air consumption down to 0.4 ml per print at 2.5 bar. up to 50 reduction in power consumption. up to 20 less ribbon waste with new standard ribbon design.power saving features within the controller improve energy efficiency high quality 300 dpi resolution.

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