Making Deep Inroads Kodak Digimaster Takes Confident Steps Into The Production Printing Industry In India

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Quietly but surely, the last 6 months have seen a quantum jump in the number of installs of the kodak digimaster cut sheet digital production systems in the indian market. The award winning kodak digimaster is a workhorse production system  which was launched in 2006 in india. The last 6 months have seen a surge in the number of installs in kodak digimaster series in india. Gurgaon based creed engineers are the kodak distributors for high volume inkjet printing solutions and monochrome electrophotographic digital printing solutions. Through a well evolved, calibrated market research creed engineers was able to anticipate the surge and had gone about creating awareness and efficacy of the landmark, kodak digimaster series. The competition from the well entrenched principal rival was stiff.creed relies on the basic credo of application based sales. It is only after analysing a prospective client&rsquos process, needs and ambition that creed offers a value oriented advise. Convinced as it was of digimaster&rsquos inherent superiority over its competition, creed went into an overdrive to seek out all prospective clients and make them aware of the value addition which this generation bending kodak machine will get to their respective the same time creed also set up a dedicated team of industry professionals who would be primed to achieve the targets set by the marketing and distribution plan. This meant that the surge in demand when it happened was dealt with confidence, rigor and customer satisfaction. This growth has also been fuelled by a sustained effort by kodakcreed to improve service and availability of spare parts thus increasing machine uptime.creed&rsquos director, marketing mr. Ranesh bajaj is quietly assertive when he says  &ldquowe have not yet seen the true expanse of the market. In time to come we as a team are surely going to corner a significant chunk of the indian monochrome digital printing market. We have been working diligently to lay out proper process plans for delivery, installation and exigencies. Kodak digimaster has delivered high to its growing tribe of committed clients. We are happy to be a part of their vision and drive.&rdquothe noida based colorplast systems are one such printer who had been using low volume desktop printers for their jobs of card personalization for the last few months. Early this year, they decided to ramp up their production capacities and also venture into new markets of transactional printing which includes doing work for insurance and finance companies and found value in opting for the digimaster.&ldquoabilities of handling larger paper sizes of up to 18.5&rdquo x 14.33&rdquo, higher grammage up to 266 gsm  and the ability to handle coated stocks were the key features for our choice of the digimaster&rdquo, said mr. Rajesh batra, md , colorplast systems p ltd. Our lasting and fruitful relationship with our consultant and services provider creed engineers was a key factor in taking this vital decision for our company. This is just beginners step for us in the digital production world. We do have some exciting future plans and the coming months will see us venturing into new fields of digital printing.&rdquoanother market leader in the field of transactional printing is the new delhi based mega caliber. They opted for the capacity expansion of their production facility at mumbai by installing a digimaster monochrome engine. &ldquolarge volumes of  bank statements to be done on a short period of time require an industrial product which is sturdy and also backed by good after sales service. The digimaster was also able to expand our offering to the banks in terms of product which could be digitally printed. We have been using some competitive technologies in the past but after a couple of site visits to an existing digimaster install, we chose this product among the production engines available.  Though it is only about 8 weeks or so, we can already see a good future ahead for us with the equipment.&rdquo said mr sanjeev swarup, the managing director of mega caliber.chennai based sun print pack p ltd, opted for the digimaster for their large volume telecom jobs. &ldquoi just wanted to thank you for the amazing support and service we have received from everyone at kodak india  when i was in my previous concern where we were loyal to the other vendor, i never thought i would end up buying a machine from  kodak.  But after talking with kodak dp team, we decided to go for it, and we are so glad we did.  We knew we were going to get a good machine. But we just never imagined that it will be so we get to experience printing to their full potential and we notice a huge improvement in our scores too. This machine rocks, and i would recommend kodak digimaster to anyone&rdquo said mr shashi attur, the operations manager at sun print pack.ajay bhatia, vice president, sales, digital print, graphic communications group, kodak india pvt. Limited in his thank you message to all his existing and prospective buyer saidwe would like to congratulate all our three customers for choosing the kodak digimaster system. The digimaster ex system being a completely integrated solution, ensures that customers get all the features and functionality they need to turn new client requirements into new business opportunities, in turn helping them to lay a solid foundation for highvolume business growth. What&39s more with a wide range of substrate support, fast and flexible paper handling, and extensive finishing options, our customers are in a position to produce almost anything that their client dream up such as personalized postcards, customized multistock manuals and catalogs, fully finished books and various such 

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