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Integrated Flexi Pack Solutions

Integrated flexi pack solutionssacmi packaging offers a complete plant engineering solution to handle these evermore popular package types that are in growing market demandmachines and complete plants for the efficient, integrated control of flex packs the sacmi packaging answer to a market trend in which demand for such packs is growing at a rate of nearly 10 a year.capable of compatibility with a broad range of technologies &ndash vacuum, gripper, side load, etc. &ndash to ensure optimal handling of such packs, sacmi&rsquos plant engineering solutions range from filling to case packing, from palletizing to endofline solutions.the advantages of the sacmi solution include advanced technical equipment on the plant such as cooling tunnels and towers and drying systems that allow proper pack management packs exit the machine at temperatures as high as 85° and need cooling and,

therefore, drying on account of the high degree of surface moisture and heightened line efficiency while guaranteeing 100 finished product quality.already a supplier to major world players who have chosen to focus on the flexibility and versatility of these packs, sacmi is able to act as provider to a wide range of customers making products that range from tomato packs to readytodrink doypack products such as fruit juices and sports drinks.the high degree of process automation allows efficient control with pick&place robots and effective pack handling, not to mention high output rates up to 150 doypacks per minute on different formats.lastly, water and wine.

The latter industry is witnessing everwider employment of such packs in both central and northern europe france leads the way on the main international platforms for the packaging and sale of wine part of a comprehensive and complete range that spans from automatic linear fillers to the allnew aseptic rotary filler and the monobib filling monobloc, the range of additional options is an extensive one.

 Another source of added value to the customer is the sacmi group&rsquos decision to operate via a global sales and aftersales network that is as close to key markets as possible, accompanying the customer step by step right from the design phase and throughout the entire working life of the machine and the plant.


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