CHINAPLAS 2019 Outlining a Bright Future for the Packaging Industry

Driven by the dynamic economic development, accelerating urbanization and improvement in people’s quality of life, the consumer market has a surging demand for safe, convenient, unique and environmentally friendly packaging. Meanwhile, the packaging industry is in a difficult position due to more stringent VOC regulations, fluctuating raw material prices, regional industrial transfer, uncontrollable costs, and recruitment difficulty. In light of the increasingly diverse user requirements and fierce market competition with more homogeneous products, the packaging industry has a pressing need for transformation and upgrading.

With the growing complexity of the business environment, how can one read the market trend, adapt to changes with technological innovations, and thus find a way out? CHINAPLAS 2019, a technology-oriented and innovation-driven trade fair, provides an international platform for showcasing and exchanging advanced technology. The show has a large display of innovative solutions featuring cutting- edge materials, machines, and technology, spotlighting customized, green, functional and intelligent manufacturing with reduced cost and improved efficiency, which helps packaging enterprises stand out.

Customized packaging in great demand under the new consumption trend

The packaging industry is playing an increasingly critical role across various sectors. Brands are looking for crowd-pulling customized packaging. Whether packaging can serve as the driving force behind a brand and how it becomes an important means for enterprises to implement their business strategies are currently hot topics in the industry.

Compared to Europe, the US, Japan, and other countries, China is a late starter in the packaging industry, which, however, has grown to a fairly large-scale industry over the past few decades. And thanks to China’s 40 years of reform and opening-up, the income and living standard of people in the country have improved significantly. As a result, the market has a rising demand for technology that helps deal with small and customized orders in a precise, quick and flexible manner, and brands are going through substantial upgrades with unprecedented frequency. The importance of packaging to products is growing exponentially.

HP Inc. will present its Indigo digital printing solutions for flexible packaging at CHINAPLAS 2019, provides a timely solution of on-demand customization, enhancing product value through personalization. The digital printing technology can be employed to shorten delivery lead time, boost business growth, save costs, streamline work processes, achieve automated prepress workflow, and directly increase profits. HP Indigo supports one-pass printing to allow the use of micro-text, anti-counterfeiting and traceability solutions, and special inks. HP Indigo 20000 Digital Press can be used for manufacturing labels and packaging. With a printing speed up to 42 m/min in color mode and a maximum web width of 76 cm, the press can address SKU diversity and operate per specific requirements. It has a print quality comparable to gravure printing and meets the safety standard for food packaging.

GDXL Precise Machinery Co., Ltd.’s multilayer co-injection solution allows a gradual color change along the preform, enriching the possibilities for product designs. The solution can be achieved by modifying an existing injection equipment into a co- injection system to achieve multilayer manufacturing. It enhances the insulation of containers and extends their durability to the maximum extent (about 200% of those packed in monolayer containers). This technology is applicable to the packaging markets of beverage, food, cosmetics, and even pharmaceutical products.

Autodesk Software (China) Co. Ltd. will showcase a 3D modeling software, Moldflow 2020. Moldflow® injection molding analysis software helps users validate and improve plastic part design, injection mold design, and injection molding processes by predicting the process, mold temperature and resulted warpage. The analysis results will be shared to achieve collaboration with the supply chain, which can reduce the development time of projects, speed up the manufacturing of high-quality parts, and improve molding solutions.

Sneak Peek at Concurrent Events

The show will not only feature more than 3,500 exhibitors but also will organize a series of concurrent events to explore how upstream and downstream enterprises can work together to overcome business hardships, enabling the packaging industry to flourish.

  •  With “consumption upgrade” and the rapid growth of the young population, consumers look for aesthetically pleasing, environmentally friendly and healthy products of better quality which can fit their needs. Experts from different fields, such as world-leading suppliers of green materials, major manufacturers of the flexible packaging industry and product brands will be invited to the forum “Innovative Development of Packaging Materials under the New Consumption Trend” to explore how innovative development of functional packaging materials can respond to the new consumption trend.
  • The “2019 Flexible Plastic Packaging Technology Seminar (Guangzhou)” provides a platform for policy experts, technical experts of leading enterprises and representatives of end users to share about policies, new materials, new processes, and new equipment, serving as a bridge between the demand side and the supply side of technology.
  • The “Plastics Recycling Circular Economy Conference and Showcase” will be held in Guangzhou on May 20, 2019 (a day before the opening of CHINAPLAS) with the themes of “Material Science for Sustainability”, “Recycling Technology” and “Environmental Packaging”, focusing on issues which participants in the industry are concerned with.
  •  In response to the global trend of Industry 4.0, “Industry 4.0 Factory of the Future” will display a smart factory, which simulates the production environment of the manufacturing industry in the future.
  •  The “Tech Talk” is an open forum which gathers the highlights of the show and displays the latest and hottest products and technology of the year, with prominent topics eminently practical and highly applicable to the plastics and rubber industries. The event not only reveals important technological breakthroughs achieved by the exhibitors and excellent enterprises in the industries but also provides a platform for professional buyers to quickly learn about the industries’ dynamics.

CHINAPLAS, now on a par with K Show in Germany, will return to the China Import and Export Fair Complex, Pazhou, Guangzhou and run from May 21 to May 24, 2019.

The show will focus on “Smart Manufacturing”, “Innovative Materials”, “Green  Circular Solutions” to effectively address the exact need of high-end downstream buyers, presenting a high-quality and high-standard extravaganza of the plastics and rubber industries with an exhibition space of more than 250,000 square meters. The show will gather together more than 3,500 leading exhibitors from all over the world, in which more than 1,800 of them are related to the packaging industry, such as BASF, Dow Chemical, NatureWorks LLC, Milliken, LOTTE Chemical, HEXPOL TPE, Hubei Guanghe Biotech, ARBURG, ENGEL, Haitian, Yizumi, Akei, Tech-long Packaging Machinery, Totani, Han King, Jinming, Kurz, Brückner, Aoki, HP, ShaanxiBeiren, and SACMI, introducing plastics machines, materials and technical solutions to buyers from around the world.

It is expected that CHINAPLAS 2019 will attract more than 180,000 professional visitors from 150 countries and regions. The show has attracted a lot of well-known brands and enterprises, such as Nestlé, Danone, Nongfu Spring, Jianlibao Group, HsuFuChi, Fujian Dali Group, Procter  Gamble, Colgate, Liby, Blue Moon, Mentholatum, Amcor, Bemis Company, Ting Zheng, Zijiang Holdings, Essel Propack, Southern Packaging.

About CHINAPLAS 2019

CHINAPLAS 2019 is organized by Adsale Exhibition Services Ltd. and Beijing Yazhan Exhibition Services Ltd. and co-organized by China National Light Industry Council - China Plastics Processing Industry Association, China Plastics Machinery Industry Association, Guangdong Plastics Industry Association, Messe Düsseldorf China Ltd., the Plastic Trade Association of Shanghai. The event is also supported by various plastics and rubber associations in China and abroad.

First introduced in 1983, CHINAPLAS has been approved by UFI (The Global Association of the Exhibition Industry) since 2006. CHINAPLAS is exclusively sponsored by the Europe's Association for Plastics and Rubber Machinery Manufacturers (EUROMAP) in China for the 30th time. CHINAPLAS is currently Asia No. 1 plastics and rubber trade fair.

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