Bishop-Wisecarver Expands UtiliTrak Family with Innovative Hybrid-Designed Vee/Crown Wheel Plate for Commercial Applications

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Bishop Wisecarver

Pittsburg, Calif. – October 3, 2018 – a trusted industrial automation company offering proven linear, rotary, and curvilinear motion solutions expertly designed and delivered to perform, today announced the newest member of its UtiliTrak® family of products. The new UtiliTrak® Vee/Crown (VC) wheel plate assembly simplifies a customer’s ordering process by offering one solution that works for both vee and open track channels, while also maintaining backwards compatibility with existing UtiliTrak® installations for easy direct-field replacements and upgrades. This flexibility, combined with the VC wheel plate’s ability to perform in contaminated environments, low rolling friction and high-speed capacity provides the optimal solution for commercial applications.


“The expansion of our UtiliTrack® family underscores Bishop-Wisecarver’s Signature Experience guarantee to provide the right product with the best design for our customers,” said Pamela Kan, President of Bishop-Wisecarver. “As demonstrated by our new VC wheel plate assembly offering, we are always looking for ways to simplify our customers’ lives, provide multiple options for different environments with a low total cost of ownership, and thus provide a superior customer experience from pre-order to post installation.”

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