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ValiDotz Security Markers

Short Description: 
Pdotz Is An Australianlisted And Israelbased Tech Company Which Has Developed Proprietary Marking Tracing And Verification Technology Validotz Security Markers Are Nontoxic Carbonbased Markers That Can Be Easily Mixed Into Plastics Coatings Inks And Varnishes To Create Productspecific Codesp

Notably ValiDotz are highly resistant to temperature and shear force and can be inserted directly into polymers. The markers feature multiple levels of security and do not affect the properties or appearance of tagged products. They are extremely challenging to reverse-engineer with multiple encoding combinations, which can be changed if required, and are very cost-effective as only low concentrations required, according to Dotz.

This anti-counterfeiting technology has been successfully tested in an industrial pilot on cigarette boxes in China, for a company that produces six billion boxes of cigarettes a year.