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Toppan releases NFC-enabled packaging

Toppan has developed interactive packaging that connects with smartphones using NFC to provide an additional layer of security and consumer engagement, including digital content such as games and music.

A wireless NFC-based connection is established when a smartphone is near the packaging. Pad-type switches embedded in the package allow consumers to enjoy interactive experiences, pressing or tapping to produce sounds or control content on the smartphone screen via a compatible app. LEDs and other additional components can be incorporated into the package to meet needs based on the purpose or conditions of use.

The structure of input-output devices such as antenna modules and switches can be customized, allowing controller modules to be built into various types of packaging, including gift boxes and other paper-based packages, molded plastic, and corrugated fiberboard.

Power for the controller is supplied by the smartphone over the wireless NFC connection, eliminating the need to incorporate a battery into the packaging. It can also be used to light up embedded LEDs. The use of NFC also increases the security of the product by linking to ID authentication systems to ensure that apps and content are only activated when the unique ID of the NFC tag built into the package is verified.

‘These packages are very effective for making the most of touchpoints to provide new experiences to consumers when they purchase products,’ said Takamitsu Nakabayashi, senior R&D manager in Toppan’s Security business. ‘The combination of easily accessible interactive functions and NFC-enabled ID authentication means that this is a solution that provides both outstanding added value and enhanced security for packaging.’