Tetra Pak brings Smart Packaging to India

Tetra Pak brings Smart Packaging to India

Tetra Pak, the world’s leading packaging and processing solutions provider is now taking packaging to a new level by taking Smart Packaging from a concept to reality in India. Indian brand owners will now have access to a complete smart packaging ecosystem built around Dynamic QR codes which allows each package to be tracked, monitored and interacted with throughout the supply chain, creating new opportunities for efficient stock management, distribution and automation. It creates new and exciting opportunities for consumer interaction


How does Smart Packaging work?

The key to the technology is the ability to print a unique digital code on every package. In case of a Dynamic QR code, this can be scanned ordinary smartphones, allowing all kinds of innovative possibilities:

• With a supply chain that's interlinked from end to end, brands can make traceability more transparent, sharing information with consumers right down to the farm that a particular product comes from.

• The package can be the gateway to a consumer engagement programme: a ‘scratch and win’ contest, a unique identifier for an online competition, a loyalty token or a means of creating a one-to-one channel with individual consumers.

• The information flow can be two-way, allowing producers to capture specific, valuable information about their consumers as part of the digital code interaction.

• It can even be used through the post-consumer recycling value chain by providing links to the location of the nearest recycling centre.

Tetra Pak’s digital package offer for brand owners therefore includes three components: code generation and printing on packages, a secure cloud solution for managing the data collected, and a consumer-facing front-end in the form of an app or a microsite on the internet, or both.

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