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Tailor-made solutions for clinical trials

Solution Safe, flexible and multifunctional: Booklet-Labels Booklet-Labels made from particularly thin paper provide ample space for multiple language versions and, due to their flexible material structure, can be applied even to small containers with the tightest radiuses. We can custom-design Booklet-Labels suitable for almost any container, form, and substrate. Professional data and layout management enables fast realization of your content requirements, and post-printing of variable data can be easily achieved using various printing systems.

Individual solutions for your clinical trial samples

Blinding of blisters: Custom-fit blister films enable reliable blinding and can be realized as multi-page labels.

Deep-freeze labels: Even at extreme minus temperatures, these specialty labels will adhere to different containers. Also multilayered solutions are possible.

Compliance monitoring: Printed electronics and interactive systems based on NFC and RFID record and document medication use.