Stylish Dispenser is 'Pur' Genius

Available in 50ml and 100ml versions and with a smaller 40mm diameter, the top-filled Magic Pur dispenser combines an elegant and modern appearance on-shelf with user-friendly operation, delivering an accurate 1ml of product each time. It is able to handle creams and lotions of all types of viscosities, making it ideal for a variety of cosmetic and personal care applications.

Equally important, airless technology provides effective protection of sensitive ingredients, meeting the continuing trend for more natural products with fewer preservatives.

To create maximum shelf appeal in crowded and competitive markets, the Magic Pur dispensers can be personalised to the requirements of individual brands through a choice of high-quality decoration options including printing, hot foil stamping, lacquering, metallisation, and labelling.

A pilot mould for the Magic Pur is now available for initial samples for customer discussions and trials.



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