Smart NFC-Based Patient Support

Smart NFC-Based Patient Support

For innovative patient support, Swissbased Ypsomed developed the SmartPilot™—an electronic add-on for the Ypso-Mate® autoinjector. An NFC-Label developed  by Schreiner MediPharm is applied to the injection aid and serves as the communication interface. It connects the SmartPilot ™ with the autoinjector, thus transforming it into a smart self-medication tool


YpsoMate® is an autoinjector for self-medication of a wide range of pharmaceutical substances and in diverse therapeutic areas. To turn this conventional injection platform into a smart device, Ypsomed developed the Smart-Pilot™. The reusable add-on with embedded sensor technology is both easy to handle andclever: The autoinjector is pushed into the SmartPilot ™ and automatically recognized by means of the NFC-Label applied to the injection aid. The information stored on the NFC chip is used by the SmartPilot ™ and can be transmitted to a related smartphone app via a Bluetooth connection.

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