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Saica GreenHeart, the first flexible recycled plastic packaging in the world

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Pit Is A Bag For Nonfood And Noncosmetic Products Made From Recycled Lowdensity Polyethylene From The Saica Natur Cycle Plus Plantp

Saica Flex is committed to the Circular Economy and Zero Waste with its all-new product, GreenHeart. It makes it possible to not only lower manufacturing costs but also CO2 emissions, the use of water in the process and the amount of polyethylene sent to the tip.

Saica Flex launches an all-new pioneer product on the world market. It is the first flexible recylcled plastic packaging for industrial use. The commitment to the Circular Economy and Zero Waste has made it possible to create a bag for non-food and non-cosmetic products made from recycled low-density polyethylene.

It is the first time recycled material has been used for no-food or non-cosmetic purposes. These bags may be used for detergents, soil, fertilisers and chemical products, among others.

This product is being made with polyethylene terephthalate (PET) and virgin polyethylene. However, the research done by Saica Flex has made it possible to develop an all-new product by replacing virgin polyethylene with recycling from the Saica Natur Cycle Plus plant dedicated to recycling pellets made of this material.

One of the main advantages of this new product is that it saves on manufacturing costs since recycled polyethylene is cheaper than the virgin type. Moreover, the product does not suffer any decompensation as far as functionality, mechanism and weight in comparison to the type used to date.

In addition, the impact of using recycled materials on the environment is also noteworthy as not only CO2 emissions into the atmosphere are lowered, but the use of water in the process and the amount of polyethylene sent to the tip are too. The structure of this new product is comprised of three layers: external, central and internal. The external layer (20% of the total thickness of plastic) is made with PET, the central layer (60%) is what is made with the recycled low-density polyethylene and the internal layer (20%) is made with XXXX.

The development of this all-new product is a part of Saica’s commitment to the Circular Economy since Saica Natur collects the low-density polyethylene and then sends it to Cycle Plus for conversion into recycled pellets which are later processed into recycled polyethylene film to create these bags.

Moreover, the new product is leading the way to Zero Waste. Saica always tries to avoid sending any type of waste to the tip. Therefore, clients who use this all-new product will prevent polyethylene from reaching the tip.


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