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Printed Electronics


Fields of Application:

1) Printed electronics for the pharmaceutical industry

2) Capacitive sensors (e.g. touchscreens)

3) Sensor systems (e.g. electrically readable humidity sensors)

4) Heating (e.g. sensor heating)

5) Miscellaneous: measurement current


1) Flat and flexible film structure (approx. 50 - 300µ) with minimal weight

2) Flexible choice of materials according to specific customer requirements and adjusted to the respective application: conductive paste printing, die-cut parts from conductive films, e.g. copper- or aluminum-based

3) Transparent film substrates for functions involving transmitted light

4) Easy integration into the customer’s product due to self-adhesive coating of the film

5) Easy bonding with customer electronics by plug connections, crimping or conductive gluing possible


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