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Managing Director Johannes Schick welcomed all new trainees and then emphasized the great importance of vocational training at LINHARDT: “We are very pleased to welcome you today as a new LINHARDT employee. With all the virtues of the apprenticeship, be it creativity, discipline or consistency, we are now entering a new phase in our lives. You can be sure that we will always support you on your way and always have an open ear. I wish you many new impressions and above all much joy!

All trainees and their instructors met for the first time a few weeks ago at a get-to-know-you evening. Now, at the official start of the training, the focus is on the company and the new colleagues. This includes, among other things, a company rally in which the new apprentices are to explore the company independently in small groups during the first days of their training.

The application phase for the 2020 training year has already begun. If you would like to start an apprenticeship at LINHARDT in September 2020, you are welcome to submit your application. Due to the wide range of training opportunities, applicants from all types of schools have the best chances of finding a training place. If you are interested in an apprenticeship, you can find out more on our homepage and apply directly online.



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