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luxurious pumps for airless tubespumps


airless tube de luxe puts your product in the best light reflecting high gloss optics of the hull, perfected with the luxurious airless pump evolux or evoclassic of aptar. the airless tubes prevent contact of the contents with air and bacteria, thus providing safe protection. tubes with aptar pumps are in the 25 and 30 mm and a capacity of 15 . 75 ml we offer two different types of pumps out of the range of aptar the evolux and the evoclassic. the pumps can be individually decorated. evoclassic coloring by color original or metallized. evolux fitted with a metal collar, a transparent plastic cap or metal cap. sourcehttpwww.neopac.comncnewsneopacnewsnewstextarticleluxurioesepumpenfuerunserea...