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Lenticular as brand authentication

Microflex&trade is a unique ultra thin lens array film developed by forward optics, inc usa and marketed by dp lenticular. this technology was designed exclusively for the brand authentication. this proprietary patent pending film is made up of polypropylene in a thickness range of 6mil 152 micron. it features pitch count of 240 lenses per inch which allows a wide variety of dynamic effects including moiré,depth, hidden images & motion effects. it features a continuous lens array embossed onto one surface and gloss printable surface on the opposite surface. the product is press stable, press friendly and environmentally 100 recyclable. according to the company, this product will be available in 5 mil 125 micron thickness and will be thinnest press stable lens array material on the market. this film can be used for brand authentication, anticounterfeitovert security markets, philatelic, ultra thin decoder, tax stamps, flexible label & product specifications . it is available in roll form with maximum roll width of 1220 mm 48 inches & length of 1300m. the most readily stock size is 280mm & 330 mm. source httpdplenticular.comproductsmicroflexlenticularrolls