Land Box

Land Box

It is an ecological isolating packaging.

Landbox is an ecological and visually appealing packaging which is based on straw and paper with ideal properties specifically for the refrigerated food delivery.
It has a unique cushioning and insulating properties and meets the consumer demand for environmentally-friendly packaging materials. The combination of straw and paper is so effective that it is well priced compared to standard polystyrene boxes whilst remaining competitive in terms of insulating properties. In addition, on opening the package the customer gets a positive feeling and consumers can dispose of the components of the packaging in their household waste.
It has achieved isolation performance up to 65 hours between 0-4 ° C. 
The Landbox scores not only by their easy disposal in the compost bin, in the garden or - if need be - even in the residual waste, but also by the climate-neutral production.

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